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Are the DLA forms available on line?

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dinosaur Mon 26-Jan-04 10:25:53

Having done the NAS Help! course, I am now absolutely determined to apply for DLA for DS1.

Can any kind soul help me - where do I get hold of the forms?



doormat Mon 26-Jan-04 10:43:16

Message withdrawn

dinosaur Mon 26-Jan-04 10:48:54

thanks doormat

so your dd1 is back from Iraq anyway? that must be a relief!

doormat Mon 26-Jan-04 10:50:54

It is a relief thanx dinosaur

mrsforgetful Mon 26-Jan-04 11:54:05

If you phone the helpline the money is backdated to when you requested the my own case this meant theyt sent me 3 months of 'back pay'- so check if the same applies to online forms as it can take a while to fill the second part in!!!

Also another important bit is that the form is in 2 parts and my BEST advice is to fill part 1 in and return it as soon as you get it- it's relatively easy- not too much detail etc- and this 'simpl' act guarantees you get the money backdated to the earliest date- if like me you didn't...then they end up backdating it to the date they actually recieve it- it sounds along time when you get the forms....6 weeks to fill them in....but with my forms it was hard work and i was 2 days late sending part 1 in....then took me 3 months to finish part 2----but they did send me 3 months back it was no real hassel!

I also HIGHLY recommend this site- as they have a brilliant guide to claiming for a child on both physical and mental grounds- i am certain this helped me get a decision 1st time round for both me and ds1-

it is:

dinosaur Mon 26-Jan-04 11:56:47

Thanks so much mrsforgetful - it is really nice of you to take the trouble to respond when I know from the other thread that you are having a rough time at the moment. Best wishes,


mrsforgetful Mon 26-Jan-04 12:09:23

It feels good to help wherever you can- like the video tapes that i am doing ....Yes i haven't forgot coppertop etc!!!

fairydust Mon 26-Jan-04 13:32:26

PHOTO COPY EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING as they have a habbit of misplacing them and there a buggar if you have to fill them out again

Luckymum Mon 26-Jan-04 15:12:59

Dinosaur-good luck with it........I'm still waiting, its been about 8 weeks now .

It can be a bit depressing filling in the forms especially when you have to try to concentrate on the worst possible day. I found a stiff drink helped no end

misdee Mon 26-Jan-04 22:58:59

DLA ARGH!!!!!! Dh foned today to let them know change of address and to see where his claim is going, and there is nothing on the screeen so they are chasing it up for him!! gits.

Luckymum Tue 27-Jan-04 08:27:40

Good grief mean he actually got thru....on the phone!!!!!!!!

misdee Tue 27-Jan-04 19:07:58

yeah after 4 days of foning and being enaged all the time we got thro!! i was in shock just at that.

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