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DS2's new behaviour - telling us to stop talking. ALL THE TIME!

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lirael Wed 10-Apr-13 19:29:18

Ds2 is 10 and has ASD with SLD. We started homeschooling him in Sept and since then his language has come on quite a bit - he is using single words more frequently, has a wider vocab and is putting words together into short phrases at times. His receptive language has also improved - today he answered a 'where is?' question for the first time ever. His home school programme is based around Intensive Interaction and as such is very play-based and child-centred.

About two or three months ago he started to say 'stop stop' occasionally when I was talking to someone else, or when DH or I were talking to DS1 in the car. This has increased recently to the point when he will try to stop us having any sort of conversation when he's in the room - he just shouts 'stop stop stop' continually and gets angry if we ignore him. Have taught him to say 'stop talking' which he'll do with a prompt, but this doesn't help and have also tried giving him attention, which I guess is what he wants. Well either that, or our voices grate on him in a sensory way, which is quite possible too.

Anyone else experienced this and what did you do about it? Tbh it's beginning to drive me mad - even though I know it's probably a sign of development and should be looked at positively!

HotheadPaisan Wed 10-Apr-13 19:47:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lirael Wed 10-Apr-13 21:49:05

No DS2 won't go away either. He was yelling 'stop stop' tonight when DS1 was doing his clarinet practice (understandable!!) but utterly refused to go upstairs even though DH was up there waiting to bath him. The annoying thing was that he'd gone upstairs for the bath, so DS1 had taken the chance to do his practice, but then appeared downstairs again in order to shout...

HotheadPaisan Thu 11-Apr-13 06:53:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lirael Thu 11-Apr-13 19:11:42

He won't wear ear defenders, though has tolerated headhones on the Ipad for very short periods. I'm thinking of trying music on an iPod for car journeys. We haven't seen hide not hair of an OT for two years

lirael Thu 11-Apr-13 19:12:04

nor hair

zzzzz Thu 11-Apr-13 19:39:33

Old motorbike helmet?

It's the flip side of better communication....all the better to communicate his displeasure and try to exert control. Congratulations on the "where" that's HUGE. grin

Mine doesn't like any of us singing. Grrrrrrrrrr.

lirael Thu 11-Apr-13 22:12:27

Oh yes he stops us singing too. Unless it's a song he's specifically requested...

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