DLA decision ha been made.

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JustPondering Tue 09-Apr-13 20:09:21

HI, I applied for DLA 3 weeks ago for DS2 and I rang today to ask if they had received the forms, the man I spoke to on the phone said yes and that a decision had been made.

Is it a bad sign that a decision has been made but there's no payment been made into my account? I keep hearing that the money goes into your account the after the decision has been made and that it is always paid before you receive an award letter.

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JustPondering Tue 09-Apr-13 20:10:15

He didn't tell me whether DS had been awarded DLA or not by the way.

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EllenJanesthickerknickers Tue 09-Apr-13 21:57:46

They won't tell you over the phone. Keep an eye out on your bank statements, but I'm not sure exactly when any money goes in at first. Fingers crossed. X

JustPondering Tue 09-Apr-13 22:30:03

Wil definitely be keeping an eye on bank account, but not holding out much hope. I think a lot of claims are turned down at first.

I dont think they must have contacted school as it has been the easter holidays. Do they let you know if they have contacted anybody?

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kinkyfuckery Tue 09-Apr-13 22:32:31

It isn't always in your account before the letter.

We had a decision made on the 20th March, and a letter and payment was actioned on the same date. It was over a week before it reached my bank account.

Try not to worry.

pinkoddballs Tue 09-Apr-13 22:36:11

Ours was awarded after 3 weeks. I think it's a good sign - fingers crossed for you.

kinkyfuckery Tue 09-Apr-13 22:37:47

Thinking about it, I think ours was awarded after about the same time, and I know others who have had very fast awards lately too. Hopefully they are just not as snowed under as at other times and processing claims quickly.

JustPondering Tue 09-Apr-13 22:48:13

Oh thats reassuring, I will not lose hope yet then smile

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Crawling Wed 10-Apr-13 06:18:55

They gave me a decision on the phone.

hoxtonbabe Wed 10-Apr-13 07:03:56

I was told my decision over the phone too. But thinking about it that's probably because I received a from them letter going on about I should have a duty to DS etc.. And I was thinking what the heck is all this...you've not even told me the outcome, so rang up asking and the man explained I received that letter as he had been awarded but the award letter must still out there in Royal Mail land somewhere.

JustPondering Wed 10-Apr-13 08:41:37

I never asked him what the decision was as I didnt think he would be able to tell me. Wish I had asked now though. Still no payment.

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MumfordandDaughter Wed 10-Apr-13 08:46:24

Hi. We received our payment before any notification letter. It took about 8 weeks for the payment to come through. But it was backdated. I called them up, asking what this money was and they said a decision has been made, and they told me that decision over the phone.

We reveived the letter about 5 days later.

It may just differ with whoever you speak to/deals with your claim though.

JustPondering Wed 10-Apr-13 23:04:34

I think it seems more cmmon to get the money shortly after a decision has been made.

I have a feeling I may have to appeal. Could they have had time to contact school senco and had a reply over the school holidays?

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Dinkysmummy Thu 11-Apr-13 00:12:55

I have my fingers crossed for you,

I only received a letter today confirming they have received the claim form 3 weeks ago.

I guess each claim is done at their own pace. It would be much easier if they had a definite time frame.

Keep checking your bank balance you never know!

Foxy800 Thu 11-Apr-13 09:55:03

I didnt get payment before letter when dd was awarded it. So dont give up hope now.x

elliejjtiny Thu 11-Apr-13 12:06:59

DS2's renewal was processed really quickly, the same rate as before but for longer this time. Someone on a facebook group said they were doing this a lot with children's DLA awards to get them out of the way before the huge quantity of PIP assessments need doing.

LadyMaryQuiteContrary Thu 11-Apr-13 12:15:11

sad We've been waiting since the end of Feb. Is it a bad sign if they leave you waiting for weeks?

wasuup3000 Thu 11-Apr-13 12:32:01

No Lady it is not a bad sign first applications can take up to 12 weeks or more - give them a ring to see how they are getting on with it.

Renewals do seem to be going through quikly atm.

LadyMaryQuiteContrary Thu 11-Apr-13 12:39:34

I've just called. They haven't looked at it yet. sad I applied a couple of years ago, they turned him down. I could do with knowing so I can appeal (again). I've sent them doctors letters and given them the contact details for his physio this time (new HA, we had no help from the last one).

JustPondering Thu 11-Apr-13 13:44:47

What were the reasons for them turning you down if you dont mind me asking? DS only has diagnosis of speech disorder and sensory processing difficulties at the moment but we are waiting on an adhd diagnosis.

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JustPondering Thu 11-Apr-13 13:52:03

I have just recived an aappointed person letter in the post. Does anyone know what this means? Is it sent to everyone regardless of what the decision is?

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LadyMaryQuiteContrary Thu 11-Apr-13 14:04:12

I didn't put the sensory or social skills issues down on the form when I filled it in the first time as they have only just been picked up. I didn't know about the cerebra guide so all I wrote about was his mobility problems and problems getting dressed as these were the main problems. My neighbour filled in the 'people who know you' part as ds couldn't play outside for too long because of his mobility issues. I had a letter from ds's physio and sent that but they didn't contact her, only the GP who has only seen ds a few times in 9 years. They said that he wasn't eligible for mobility as he 'can actually walk', but he can only walk for a few minutes because of pain and he is unstable on his feet confused. It was put down to hypermobility so I said this, it's not though, the new physio has said it's hypotonia. His feet flatten when he stands (they squish down IYKWIM) so the bones separate.

I needed a lot of help filling in the form this time, there's things I didn't realise I should write, especially when he's an only child, I can't see what is 'normal' to compare him to. MN has been a god send, as has the cerebra guide. I just hope it's detailed enough now and have enclosed lots of reports and referral letters from the paediatrician. I still won't know whether I have to appeal until they process the form though.

lottieandmia Thu 11-Apr-13 14:12:56

Don't worry if it takes a long time - our recent renewal took nearly 3 months - I was really worried but it turned out fine.

I don't think there are any rules which suggest whether or not an award has been made. I think everyone gets the apppinted person letter (not sure though) I'm fairly sure I didn't receive a payment for the first award until after I had received the award letter.

Good luck to you op and everyone else.

LadyMaryQuiteContrary Thu 11-Apr-13 14:15:20

smile Thank you. I live in hope.

Good luck JustPondering. smile

wasuup3000 Thu 11-Apr-13 15:30:06

It is a standard letter justpondering - why not call again and ask what the descision is?

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