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Starting to think things aren't quite right.

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SquinkiesRule Tue 09-Apr-13 06:30:20

I'm also thinking I've been in denial for quite a while blush
Dd is a joy, she's 8 and actually doing fine in school, she loves going, thinks everyone is her friend. (Although I really don't see that anyone really is her best friend at all)
On the plus side, she learned to read on her own before starting school and is a total book worm, she gets on fine in class with only the occasional talking out of turn (really good teacher worked on that with her) She has a memory like a trap door with things that she likes and is interested in, sadly, Maths isn't one of those things and she is struggling, with basic maths facts and still has to add up on fingers even though she has moved on to other things the basics still slow her down.
I'm starting to think she really does have gross motor delays. She cannot for the life of her figure out peddling a bike no matter how much she wants too, she's a bit clumsy. Skipping ropes are something they do at school and she has trouble there too. Bouncing balls, catching and throwing are more difficult things.
She had Swim lessons last summer, two kids one teacher and did wonderfully. But she looks so uncomfortable and awkward when trying to swim normally, yet she swims great underwater and can do the back stroke!
She does dance class, every week for the last two years and still has trouble with right arm left leg at the same time and keeping a beat is impossible. I had her do Dance hoping it would help with balance and co ordination. She's enjoying it, but as she gets older I can see other girls in the class looking and getting annoyed that she isn't in time with group dances.
I wonder how long to keep her in, I don't want her feeling hurt when one day they decide to tell her how crap she is at it.
Just writing it all down makes me teary, So I'll leave this for the night. If anyone had suggestion of games or activities I can do with her to help her, I'd be grateful, I'll probably drip feed as you make suggestions if you don't mind.

I really only posted in SN area as I thought you all have more understanding of kids struggling. I don't think she has any particular special needs from reading about some of the things other children go through in life.

Ruggles Tue 09-Apr-13 07:19:37

Hi Squinkles - I'm sorry to read that you've been having a tough time with your DD. She sounds lovely and I know how difficult these classes and group activities can be when they are not going well. This may not be for you, but we've been doing the Tinsley House programme for 4 months and it has really helped with my ds (4.5) balance and co-ordination. He can now catch a ball, ride a balance bike, get himself dressed and is generally much more co-ordinated. It
's also helping with his fine motor skills and concentration. Its a long haul, but quite simple and based on a diet, supplements and daily exercises. The first part can be found in the book, Is This My Child and the diet in The Brain Food Plan. Check out the Tinsley House thread on here. Is That My Child

Brain Food Plan

As far as games, we tried quite a lot last summer and ended up getting frustrated. I have just ordered a Wibble Wobble set from Frances Emmett to use over the summer holidays in the garden. Wibble Wobble She promises whole family fun!

Have you considered Dyspraxia? It might explain the coordination problems and her social immaturity? My DS3 doesn't have any DXed SN but is very quirky, could read at 3, is immature but academically bright enough, but his brother has ASD so I just figure he's on the edge of the spectrum.

PolterGooseLaidAChocolateEgg Tue 09-Apr-13 09:22:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dinkysmummy Tue 09-Apr-13 09:52:55


I think we all go though that denial. (I definitely did! Even with the obvious blush )
No one wants there to be something different about their child.
Have a look at the symptoms to dyspraxia, like poltergoose said, it may fit it may not. The only way would be to talk to a GP about your concerns. Let them decide if your DD needs to be assessed for anything. It is not about the dx or label at the end but the sign post to what will help your child the most.


Your dd sounds lovely. A real credit to you

SquinkiesRule Tue 09-Apr-13 15:00:35

Thanks for not saying I'm not crazy and should be grateful she's doing well in school unlike many SN kids who struggle so much.
I keep thinking she's smart, she's happy and seem oblivious to social situations (at the moment) I should be happy for her to be the way she is.
I'm going to read some links later, I have to drop her to school in a minute, then I have a class to attend on my own (we are in US, West coast waiting to move home to UK)
I signed her up for Fitness for Fun, it's run through the gym I go to, it's 4 weeks in a row one day after school and focuses on balls, balance, skipping ropes all that sort of thing. It's run by a woman I know quite well, today is the first one, I'm going to talk to her first about her lagging behind in the gross motor area (she also teaches Dd's dance class) so that she doesn't think Dd is being lazy or not trying in class this afternoon.

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