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SOS!SEN workshops

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salondon Mon 08-Apr-13 13:06:51

Hi again

I am trying to get an understanding of the SEN process for my child (starts school in Sep 2014). Came across this workshop, has anyone attended it before.

I have to say, I find it silly that there are workshops to help parents navigate this minefield!


sickofsocalledexperts Mon 08-Apr-13 14:11:58

A friend of mine has attended and now volunteers for them,she highly recommends

moondog Mon 08-Apr-13 15:58:34

Such is the insanity of the SEN industry Salandon.
It purports to make life easier for you and your child but will in fact lead you through a nightmarish labyrinth comprised of hoops and elephant traps.
I'd snap that workshop up in an instant.
It will be invaluable.

salondon Mon 08-Apr-13 17:25:01


moondog Mon 08-Apr-13 18:49:28


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