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Finding a babysitter

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Raeray Sat 06-Apr-13 17:08:16

Just wanted to gauge peoples opinions on this really - I was wondering how easy it was, if at all possible to find a babysitter you would feel comfortable to leave your child with additional needs with?

I was wondering if you thought a babysitting/ad hoc childcare service with babysitters who were paediatric nurses, special needs teachers, nannies/nursery nurses with special needs experience etc. would be one that would be used or something you would be interested in? With rates similar to another local babysitting service rather than the over inflated prices that I feel would not be fair or make the service accessible to the families who want to use it.

I am a paediatric nurse myself with lots of experience, looking for babysitting work and whilst looking at agencies to join cannot seem to find something out there like this other than snap childcare which seems to be more for nanny type childcare rather than an ad hoc service which is more that I was thinking of...

Hope people don't mind me posting this here, I thought this would be a good place to gain lots of relevant views.

Thanks in advance - all comments welcome

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