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Calling Moosemama, topsy turyy and justgetting on with it, ru there?

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supermum98 Sat 06-Apr-13 07:20:59

Following on from discussions on fatigue, with high order processing difficulties. Have just had ds blood tests back, with nothing to report, other than evidence of recent viral infection. He did throw up for two days after the blood was taken. Have any of you thought about post viral fatigue syndrome? I haven't followed up with discussion with Doctor, don't know whether viral issue is recent or not. His fatigue started when they started doing a lot of SAT's testing in school. Had parents evening since, and mentioned the fatigue and school concerned they are pressuriing him too much, but I don't think they are, but I think he is engaged at school for the first time and is working harder than he has ever worked. I still think it is the effect of having an SPLD and having to work to a time limit.
Have you thought about depression too? Someone mentioned to me that their child's depression first presented as fatigue. My ds had a sudden school move due to bullying recently, so I feel he may be at risk of feeling a bit depressed as it was stressful for him. School have suggested rest breaks at SAT's. Any ideas?

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