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Reading apps for iPad?????

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zzzzz Fri 05-Apr-13 21:05:23

We have been having the most amazing success with the learn to read apps

For ds1, who had gone into reverse and refused to do any reading at all when school became difficult last summer term. (Warning intolerably boring for adults but ds seems to thrive on it)

His reading level is actually much higher than this but I thought it was a good idea firstly that it was easy, but also that he recap as he may not have taken on board all the bits needed IYSWIM.

I think iPad suits him down to the ground. I wonder if any of you have seen/heard of any reading based games for iPad? I don't mean ones to teach you phonics, more to practice the skill he has, or even just interactive books?

His reading age is probably about 6/7, ie top end Biff and Kipper but not "chapter books", his understanding is good but he needs to learn everything from scratch (ie he doesn't know what happens at a hairdressers or what a fire-engine is for but if you showed him he would get it)

(He also loves Earth School if any of you want to introduce the Big Bang to your teenies grin )

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