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Badvoc Fri 05-Apr-13 08:55:02

Well, here is the shiny new thread for all of us either doing the TH programme, doing part of it, or thinking about doing it! smile
A brief synopsis of stage 1 of the programme can be found in the books "is that my child?" Or "the brain food plan" by robin pauc;

Stage 1 of the TH therapy consists of:

1. Daily Multivitamins

* Omega
* Zinc & Magnesium

2. Healthy eating

* High protein, low sugar, no artificial sweeteners, additives etc.

3. Specific neuro development exercises done 3 times a day

* Takes about 4-5 mins

And that's it smile

Stage 2 involves computer programmes to sort out eye tracking and convergence which over 80% of children with reading/writing problems have.


We are coming to the end of our time doing TH I reckon...certainly by the end of the summer I think. It has been in many ways much easier than I thought at the beginning but of course takes commitment and time.

I am so glad we "took the plunge". It has made such a difference to ds and to our lives smile

abc12345 Tue 01-Aug-17 14:03:31

Hello, I was just wondering what vitamins you guys use... I've got floridex kindervital, floridex saludinum and vegepa omega oil

Does anyone use any cheaper/better alternatives??

Ruggles Fri 21-Jul-17 11:18:42

Hi Evelina
We had a really positive experience with TH and can highly recommend it. It was quite full-on, especially at the beginning whilst we got used to everything. However, it made a huge difference to DS1 - sorted out his reflexes, eye tracking and really improved his co-ordination. He stopped worrying about loud noises and became much less aware of sensory issues. His behaviour improved and he is much calmer. DS2 made big improvements too - started talking and improved his eye tracking. 4.5 years on the diet is still with us and my DC are still lively, but on great form. Do pm me if you'd like more info. Ruggles

Evelina11 Tue 13-Jun-17 17:24:38

Hi all

It was a while ago that this thread was posted.
If anyone can share your experiences with Tinsley house, that will be great!
Pls take time to share whatever you can.
It's expensive business and we will be travelling 100miles !

So help!

Mangomanila Mon 14-Oct-13 23:00:52

Go on then...

Here is our new thread !

DaftMaul Mon 14-Oct-13 22:16:37

Great news about ds!

Your poor dd. hope she can avoid surgery. Have fracture clinic with my dd tomorrow. She is still saying her wrist hurts but still not convinced it is broken.

Ds has another EEG on Thursday so we have to do another 2am start to make sure he is tired enough to sleep for it. Grim!

Mango, you start another thread. We don't want to run out on this one without a link to it.

Mangomanila Mon 14-Oct-13 21:41:31

Hi daft

DD arm has displaced slightly so might need pinning. They will make a decision on fri. Of course refusing to wear sling/ take medicine / sleep. That's my girl!

BTW. DS been gluten free about a week. May be coincidence, but doing his reading books and 'toe by toe' without mistakes and more fluently, learning spellings better, finding homework easier. Continuing experiment!

DaftMaul Mon 14-Oct-13 20:45:28

Happy to start a new thread but might be better done by someone who is not coming to the end of the TH process.

Harriet, good to hear things are going well. Fingers crossed that he tics won't be exacerbated. I seem to remember it was the number search hemi that Robin told me could sometimes make tics worse.

Mango, good tha you have a head start. How is dd's arm?

notapizzaeater Mon 14-Oct-13 20:06:27

Son is hypermobile, never heard of a link though .....

Mangomanila Mon 14-Oct-13 19:50:09

quick question

Bit of an odd question, but DS has hyper mobile elbows (as do I). He can Hold onto a table and twist his elbow 180 degrees.
Do any of your DC have joints like this or double jointed etc?

Wondering if there is any link to dyslexia/ delayed development

Mangomanila Mon 14-Oct-13 19:12:12

Hi Harriet,
Good to hear your progress update. When did you start TH?

We had our first appointment and robin thinks most dyslexia issues down to vision. We are about 6 weeks into Engaging Eyes (level 13 target A, aliens) and DS still failed 3 out of 4 vision tests. Continue with EE! Plus more stairs and teeth.

Glad we have made an official start!

PS. Dare someone to start a new thread!

harrietv Mon 14-Oct-13 10:44:12

Hi everyone - saw Robin at the weekend. All good, we're only left with tracking B until he starts getting stars more regularly and then that's it for EE!! Woohoo! Now we're onto Hemi P - he really liked doing it last night, much happier to do Where's Wally than target practice. But am feeling really nervous as I know the Hemis were when a few others found tics got worse, and as you know we had a really bad time with his tics around June/July and are in a really nice place with it now - he still does it but only friends and family would really notice.
Robin being very cautious and wants us to feed back in a week that things are ok. Only doing Hemi P as well until xmas time. Then we can work in Hemi T a few days a week. Was it P or T which caused issues for others?
Feel generally excited to get onto this stuff as (while the othe changes have been amazing) concentration has always been the big one for DS. Let's see how it goes!

PrinceRogersNelson Thu 10-Oct-13 17:38:48

Thanks shopping smile

shoppingbagsundereyes Wed 09-Oct-13 16:44:33

Prince we spent a tenner on a pair of headphones and snipped the lead connecting to the other ear after the same problems. He hated having ear things in full stop. I will look and see if I still have them. Will happily post them to you.

PrinceRogersNelson Wed 09-Oct-13 14:17:07

What great news! I think if someone unrelated and who doesn't know what you are doing has seen such a marked improvement, then that has to be a positive thing. All children develop, but it tends to be a slow and gradual thing rather than a texting worthy thing.

It is exhausting. I know.

I am feeling more positive this week. We are managing to do a bit more on top of school. Not as much as Robin would like I am sure, but I simply don't want to over load her.

She really does not like hemi t though. Did anyone else find that difficult. Also how to you get music in one ear? It's all a bit of a faff. I have to hold the ear piece in her ear as her ears are so small. And then she gets frustrated/upset and won't carry on.

cerealflakes Wed 09-Oct-13 11:28:47

Hi, following all these comments with interest. Good to have the other side of the coin on here too. Thank you.

Was feeling a bit demoralised, wondering if it's all worth it - more homework dramas, and strangely the ADD type symptoms seem to be much more obvious, but this was texted through to DH from the drama teacher on Sat (she has never sent a personal text before): "Hi S, Just to tell you there's been such a shift in X. I can't believe the difference in his coordination. He's also lost that 'I won't try because it's not cool' attitude he used to fall back on. Brilliant work".

So even though schoolwork and homework is still traumatic, something's definitely going on. Could it be that he's older and wiser after a summer holiday? Maybe. I remain convinced that it's TH. We are still only half way through Targets B, stairs and teeth are patchy, still rubbish at doing protein breakfasts, but we're going to keep on trucking. Exhausted though!

Mangomanila Wed 09-Oct-13 10:20:59

bright try googling 'mumsnet tinsley 3' and go in that way.

Appointment with DS. 10 hour round trip so not sure how impressed DD will be with daddy care! She doesn't travel well so not really an option to take her.

brightstars Wed 09-Oct-13 10:03:59

Hi, I'm having trouble refereshing the page. Until I posted, no matter how many times I pressed refresh, I got no messages past last Fri. Am I donig something wrong?

mango not sure if your 1st appointment is for DD or DS, but probably can't do all assessments with recently broken arm, if it is for DD.

brightstars Wed 09-Oct-13 09:51:54

Hi blueshark, thanks for your comments. Just wondered how long you persisted with TH for before deciding to stop?

Also, to anyone who has done AIT, is there a "best place" to go to? Seems to be lots of centres out there offering the same thing. Are there advantages to attending a centre for AIT vs having it sent to you to do at home? I presume you have to attend twice anyway for before and after audiograms?

I gather from previous discussions that we may have to stop TH to do AIT? For how long?

Thanks, smile

Mangomanila Tue 08-Oct-13 08:35:47

just looking how about a handful of nuts or cheese on the way to school? Or a peanut butter/ Greek yogurt/ banana smoothie with breakfast?

Mangomanila Tue 08-Oct-13 08:29:11

By the way, we mix vitamins with yoghurt. DS much prefers this to mixing in juice.

Mangomanila Tue 08-Oct-13 08:27:17

Thanks for GF experiences, ladies.

False start for us as DD broke her arm on sat and only got out of hospital last night! Sure DS been having lots of gluten an grandparents!

Bit of a nightmare as fracture clinic on Fri (if bones not setting right, back in for op). Have first TH appoint on sat so in a quandy about whether to cancel. Or should i think positively and assume arm will be ok? Hotel booked midway down. Also, we had to wait a fair bit for an appointment and we are desperate to get started.

Isn't life hard sometimes?!

Am also wondering whether to put DD on gluten free as she too complains of tummy aches a lot (age 3). Same as DS did (and still does).

Lookslikerain Tue 08-Oct-13 08:07:30

Oh, and no advice on getting them to take the vitamin supplements. Weirdly, DS likes it and just drinks it through a straw, though initially I did have to mix it with apple juice.

Lookslikerain Tue 08-Oct-13 08:06:20

Prince lovely to hear your DD is doing well at school. I'm sure the toileting will come back. She's got a lot going on right now. My DS has been in nursery for almost 6 weeks now and he loves it. He is not quite doing the full morning session yet as they were worried about how he'd do with the group time at the end. He will start doing this too after the Oct break, and I've got a feeling he might surprise them. Sometimes I think I don't give him enough credit, and that he can cope with far more than I think.

Justlooking breakfast has always been a sticking point here too. My DS is also a porridge addict. We started by reducing the amount of porridge we gave him, then offered the protein maybe an hour later (this worked as he hadn't started nursery yet). We now offer the protein first, and use it as bribery for the porridge. I only put a little on his plate and say he can have the porridge when he's eaten that. Some days he eats lots of protein, other days not so much. His little sister loves the protein breakfast so she hoovers up anything he leaves!

justlooking2013 Mon 07-Oct-13 22:27:42

...on with TH. {smile}

justlooking2013 Mon 07-Oct-13 22:22:50

Aaagh, typing on phone and finger slipped!

Sometimes chanes are obvious and amazing whilst other times they're gradual and subtle but no less profound. I too will definitely be keeping

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