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Badvoc Fri 05-Apr-13 08:55:02

Well, here is the shiny new thread for all of us either doing the TH programme, doing part of it, or thinking about doing it! smile
A brief synopsis of stage 1 of the programme can be found in the books "is that my child?" Or "the brain food plan" by robin pauc;

Stage 1 of the TH therapy consists of:

1. Daily Multivitamins

* Omega
* Zinc & Magnesium

2. Healthy eating

* High protein, low sugar, no artificial sweeteners, additives etc.

3. Specific neuro development exercises done 3 times a day

* Takes about 4-5 mins

And that's it smile

Stage 2 involves computer programmes to sort out eye tracking and convergence which over 80% of children with reading/writing problems have.


We are coming to the end of our time doing TH I reckon...certainly by the end of the summer I think. It has been in many ways much easier than I thought at the beginning but of course takes commitment and time.

I am so glad we "took the plunge". It has made such a difference to ds and to our lives smile

harrietv Wed 24-Apr-13 19:34:44

Oh those books look great thanks guys - I'll def order some.

We've been doing 'writing' practice over the holidays (when we managed) in a writers notebook that I promised was for him only so no comments re: spelling/punctuation/handwriting. So of course the aforementioned were mostly awful, but it did help get him focussed on just writing and trying out new words he's usually too scared to use. I think I could concentrate on some handwriting now. It's so tiring and relentless isn't it!! So great to have people to chew the fat with.

And I've reason to celebrate today smile : at pickup I got a 'good day' nod from the teacher (possibly the first all year I think!). I quizzed DS as to why - was he chatty (usually silent), did he do good maths but no - he'd written a whole PAGE in his holiday diary and the teacher had said 'well done' THAT is definitely a first! Now I realise we've only been stairwalking and doing food/supps for three weeks, and only saw Robin on Sunday and it's likely to be a one off but hey - we so rarely have cause for celebration I'm deciding to revel in my feelings of pride and delight, even if it is just for today!!

harrietv Wed 24-Apr-13 19:35:58

ps what is all this hepi p and hemi k? I presumed it was engaging eyes?

shoppingbagsundereyes Wed 24-Apr-13 19:42:31

I've been doing TH for nearly a year with ds so we've done all the tracking programmes and are now onto the hemis. They are computer programmes which are designed to improved concentration. With hemi p the child does where's wally while a computer programme flashes and blips and tries to distract them. Hemi t is your child does a wordsearch while listening to classical music in their left ear only and a different computer programme blips away. Sounds bonkers but it seems to be working for ds.

shoppingbagsundereyes Wed 24-Apr-13 19:46:47

Ps harrietv, have you got a decent rubber for your ds? We found getting lots of staedtler erasers from amazon made a big difference to ds' willingness to give writing a try. They rub out so effectively you're not left with a grubby mark once you've erased. Ds used to get really upset when he made a mistake and that made him unwilling to write anything at all. Once I could show him the mistake had totally disappeared he seemed more confident to try.

Badvoc Wed 24-Apr-13 19:47:03

It does sound bonkers doesn't it!?
But it works smile
Well done mini Harriet!
I am now in full in panic mode before my trip.
I let my parents convince me to go on the early flight.
And I mean early!

shoppingbagsundereyes Wed 24-Apr-13 19:54:21

Badvoc, I hope you have a lovely break and that the meeting at school goes well smile

harrietv Wed 24-Apr-13 19:56:29

ooh the hemis sound great! if very odd but exactly what my ds needs. it was really interesting when robin did the test with the red dot in his peripheral vision and he literally had to look at it, however much he was told to watch robin's nose.
will follow advice about rubber, very good.
and have a great trip badvoc smile

Badvoc Thu 25-Apr-13 17:02:57

Tom is now officially off the sen register at school.
He has been on it for 5 years, since he was 4.5.
I am not sure how,I should feel ATM but will settle for tired smile

shoppingbagsundereyes Thu 25-Apr-13 18:44:21

Well done Badvoc and Tom smile

harrietv Thu 25-Apr-13 18:59:00

You should feel like a bl**dy good mum who has been a tremendous advocate for her son!! You already knew how well he's doing but how amazing to be able to have such an official acknowledgement. Good for you and Tom for all his hard work.

Had our first "I hate this programme" today with our convergence target practice - it's tough, Tom's clearly done an amazing job too.

Badvoc Thu 25-Apr-13 19:23:48

Thank you smile
I am just so tired!
Need to chill out for a bit.
Its been a tough and long road sad
Tom was pretty compliant tbh but we had the odd day of "this is too hard!"
Just keep plugging away at it...i know its a grind some days but the results are more than worth it x

Badvoc Thu 25-Apr-13 19:25:19

Oh, and he is in the top group for reading now too smile

Beautifulpossum Thu 25-Apr-13 23:10:08

Badvoc- Have a great trip and lovely to hear yet more fanastic news about Tom. smile

Harriet- Yes, with Engaging Eyes you do Whack a Monster once a day and Target Practice once a day. You start with target A ( convergence) and when level 16 completed 10 times you start Target B ( eyes turning out, so opposite to convergence -divergence?)then you go on to Target c which does both. At least that was how it was when we did it but understand it has been developed further since then so may be different. Any queries contact the Engaging Eyes helpline. They are incredibly helpful and knowlegeable about all the things we talk about on this thread. The improvements in my DD were amazing so stick at it. Sounds like its working if he is moaning about it!

There are 3 hemi programmes. The other one is OPK which are red and white vertical lines that move accross the computer. You have do get your DC to sit and look at it whilst you ask them simple maths questions. It only lasts a minute which is a good thing as my DD doesn't like it. DS hasn't had it yet...

We go back to Robin on 4th. DD has been doing really well, she is currently doing the 3 hemi's and is definately more alert. Hope she will move onto prefrontal cortex stuff next time. DS still doing teeth sad and hemi p. was doing hemi t but Robin has told me to stop that for a bit as he started to develop a bit of a tic. Hoping the 6 weeks of hemi t he did before we stopped will be enough. Suspect this mid brain stuff will take longer with DS than DD. We have been plain sailing for a while so I suppose a little hiccup is to be expected! Anyway, tic seems to have gone now.

Out next appointment is our 6th and we have been going for 9 months now. Pretty sure DD will finish first but fingers crossed they are both finished by Christmas.

DH granny died today [ sad] and children very upset but coped better than they would have pre TH. She was 96 and it was not unexpected but she was such a wonderful person we will miss her.

itwillbebetter Fri 26-Apr-13 07:57:01

Great news Badvoc, things like this keep the rest of us going!

harrietv Fri 26-Apr-13 19:39:33

So helpful, thanks BP. DS is struggling with targets - he did really well to start with and earned loads of stars (more than one a day) up to level 6 I think but suddenly on day 3 freaked out because it wasn't 3d any more (at level 7) and then I put the glasses on and it wasn't for me either. I've subseqently read on the help page that you have to work through the levels to get to the next one or your eyes struggle to converge. Maybe I have dodgy eyes too! Anyway - he has once made it level 8 but last two days loses it at level 7. He's finding it frustrating but it makes me think he clearly does have an issue with convergance if he is struggling, and that makes me pleased in a way as something concrete to fix! Did your DD get stuck on stages and it end up just coming to her? I wonder if it makes it harder if you look away from the screen to see the arrow keys? I will call the helpline - so don't feel you have to answer all my questions!

So good to read about these hemi programs - they sound like they could really help with his attention issues. And so good to hear that your DD's attention is improving. Have school noticed yet? I dream of a day when I go to a parents' evening and am told about his progress rather than that he's in a world of his own and looking out the step at a time!

harrietv Fri 26-Apr-13 20:12:24

ps - meant to say the tic is obviously sad but it is amazing isn't, the sign of effect on the brain. what was his tic? DS already has them now and again.

and sorry to hear about granny sad x

shoppingbagsundereyes Sat 27-Apr-13 06:20:27

Harrietv, we did the HTS programme that Robin used to use for convergence but yes it was incredibly frustrating for ds, the most difficult of all the programmes we've done in the past year. We had a lot of slammed keyboards and melt downs.
Is he having to look at the keyboard to press the arrow keys? If so, that will definitely make it harder on the eyes. He really needs to press without looking if possible. On the programme we used it was possible to swap to a mode where the mouse could be used to hit the targets. Can you do that on engaging eyes? Made a big difference to ds' progress when we stopped using the arrow keys.
Keep going and you will definitely get the positive teacher comments before long. Ds came home with the class cup yesterday. His teacher said he'd 'started the term like a rocket, working quickly but beautifully and knows more about our castle topic than me'. This is the boy who a year ago (at a different school) was climbing on furniture, kicking over plant pots and thumping other children!

harrietv Sat 27-Apr-13 15:04:25

Excellent, thanks shopping! We did it without him looking down (he could just about figure out the arrows without looking) and he passed level 8. Got stumped by 9 and as it got harder he said it was going blurry and smokey but progress is good and he was pleased to get an extra star.
How amazing to get the class cup!! I'm feeling really positive with everyone's great news, and feels good to be actively doing something a few times a day.

Beautifulpossum Sat 27-Apr-13 22:33:49

Harriet- yes, looking away means you loose it completely. My daughter kept trying to look at the levels in the bottom right hand corner but then could not carry on- either found it went double, or she got the " blue distraction" or no longer 3d. If it helps you can move the arrow keys for him. He has done really well to get so far so quickly.

I have done Target practice too as my convergence was terrible. It took me ages to get off level 1 ( infact I couldn't even get what the game was about as I couldn't see it was 3d!) I found just staring at the screen and stretching my eyes out helped me to converge.

Your DS is doing fine. Correcting convergence insufficiency is hard work and takes time. He will complain and his eyes will hurt sometimes.

My DS did HTS and DD did EE. ( just so happened that my son was the last of the HTS before Robin switched to EE) They are both great programmes but in my opinion you get as good if not better results from EE and it is much less hard going |( though still hard going) HTS was absolutely terrible for my DS. PM me if you like and we could chat it through.

Massive boast today. DD violin teacher described DD progress since last lesson ( before Easter) as " remarkable". I sat through her lesson and there was absolutely no sign whatsoever of the ADD which has plagued her life so far. It really really has almost gone...

DS tic is moving his head back and forward ( a mini head butt) He has never done these type of things before so was pretty upsetting but I can see that his brain is being fired up. Fingers crossed he has done enough hemi t and we can stop. Really looking forward to going to Robin next saturday.

Beautifulpossum Sat 27-Apr-13 22:41:37

Badvoc- At what point in the THP did Tom's reading take off or has it just been gradual? My DS still very relucatant to read.

brightstars Sun 28-Apr-13 15:15:31

Hi there, I'm new to mumsnet and TH! My oldest ds (8) has just started at TH, we are two weeks in. She is pretty easy going and although I feel a bit overwhelmed by all we have to do everyday, we seem to be managing it.

Anyway, my question. I have an almost three year old, who is showing all the same symptoms as my ds1 did at the same age (she doesn't seem to hear me, althou hearing is fine, and she is always falling over her own feet). I mentioned her to Robin, who advised I have her assessed at ds1's next appointment. However, I am worried about her age and therefore wilingness to comply. It is hard to get her to do anything she doesn't want to right now, and I know this will improve with age. I have mentioned this to Robin, who said she will be fine, but as it is a lot of money for us, I don't want to invest in this right now, if I can't get her to do it.

Has anyone here taken such a young child to TH? I was wondering about simply doing the rocker board exercises mentioned in the Brain food plan, instead and seeing how we go? Although I'm completely sure from the book what she should do. Anyone got any thougths re this?

Thanks, and sorry this is so long!

shoppingbagsundereyes Sun 28-Apr-13 16:29:42

Welcome brightstars. Ruggles and princerogersnelson both started when their dcs were 3 iirc. Robin adapts the exercises so that they are more suitable for a younger child. I'm sure Ruggles will be along later and will be able to give you more info or you could PM her.

brightstars Sun 28-Apr-13 21:35:00

sorry should have put NOT completely sure what she has to do on rocker board!

Stephanie16 Sun 28-Apr-13 21:49:57

Hi there can I just ask how much zinc to you give to a 5 year old also where you get them from? Also which brand. Thanks

PrinceRogersNelson Mon 29-Apr-13 12:25:19

Hi Everyone,
Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunshine.

We are all fine. DD is progressing well. Lots of little things improving which all add up to life for her being easier.

She is playing now at home. Lots of Duplo making and she wants us to play with her. She can play for a sustained period of time and doesn't destroy what she has made like she used to.

Her speech is coming on really well. Her vocabulary is expanding although her speech is still very unclear which I am hoping will improve with time.
Her SALT says she is now delayed with her vocabulary and grammar as opposed to disordered, but that her speech sounds are still disordered. So that feels hugely positive.

She is now fully independent with toileting in nursery - which is also massive progress.

She just seems more aware and interested and engaged with the world.

She still has bad days and this will be a slow road for us I think. But she is going forward and it feels good at the moment.

Back to Robin on Friday so will see what he says.

Brightstars - DD was just turned 4 when we started although we had been thinking about it for a while. We started with spinning chair and stairs. we are still doing those and I think we will be doing stairs for a long time as she is so young.
I think Robin would just make exercises that were suitable for your DD. It is different when they are younger, there is so much development going on anyway and they are that much less mature. But I would trust Robin to be able to help. I think the 'journey' would just be different for a young one.

Good Luck.

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