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We got the very official diagnosis today

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jackjacksmummy Thu 04-Apr-13 14:42:57

Finally been told today that DS has autism with dyspraxia and hypermobility of his joints. They also want to do some blood tests to rule out any chromosomal abnormalities.

I don't really know what I feel right now, it's a very strange feeling knowing that it's all official but actually nothing has changed since we woke up this morning.

Glad we have answers now though and the doctor was very insightful and gave us lots of tips of being able to talk to him and understand the things he does better.

Just like to say thank you for all the advice over the last 3 years since I first voiced my concerns about him.

flowwithit Thu 04-Apr-13 15:00:38

It's good you now have some answers, still upsetting though, but now you can move forward and hopefully get the support he needs. smile

It's mixed emotions, jackjack, great that you know what it is, that it's not your fault and you have a DX to help you with getting support. Sad that your last secret hope that it's not something much less long term has gone.

But as you rightly say, nothing has actually changed since this morning, he's still your lovely boy and very precious.

We'll all be here if you need any help along the way. smile

coff33pot Thu 04-Apr-13 21:33:53

Hope you are feeling ok Jackjack x Well done for seeing it all through now you know you can insist on the support for his education smile

Ineedmorepatience Thu 04-Apr-13 22:00:57

Be kind to yourself and remember he is still your lovely boy smile

sweetteamum Thu 04-Apr-13 23:25:12

Jackjack, I'm really pleased that you've got the answers you've been waiting so long for.

Take some time out to let it sink in and be kind to yourself. He's not changed since this morning. You'll just understand him possibly more.


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