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SEN - LEA messing us around

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alyxzandra Thu 04-Apr-13 00:01:46

My son was just given a provisional SEN with behavioural, emotional and social being the primary need. However, he is not going to be 5 until August. The SEN has identified he needs a specialist school. I went to call one school several times to do a visit, but the school would not make an arrangement with me for a visit. I later found out they rejected my son as they said they were oversubscribed.

The LEA contacted another school outside the area and they are waiting for an answer. However, the first school that rejected him start children at 4 years old. The second school starts children at 5 years old. I was then asked to visit another school that also starts children at 5 years old. This third school was approached before my son was statemented for an emergency placement, but they rejected it. And now a few months later I am asked to consider the school.

I received considerable pressure from the named officer at the LEA to visit. My husband and I went there and we were not happy. We know this is not the right place for him, but we are now going on a second visit. Even if it was the right place the head teacher said he cannot take my son until he is 5 years old, but he said that if the LEA gives extra funding he can start my son earlier. But, even with that we are not happy with the school. We were unimpressed with the behaviour of the students, the primary and secondary schools are in the same building and the atmosphere was just not right. Also, my son would not be in with children of his own age group.

I really wanted to check out the other school that rejected my son and I would think that if this was the right school the LEA should give additional funding for him to attend there if it is the right place, but how can I know it is the right place if I am not able to visit?

My son is currently in a mainstream school that is fighting hard for my son and the head teacher along with 3 other people involved with my son at the school will be coming on a second visit to the school we are not sure about. However, he is in the mainstream school for only 1 hour per week and we cannot see how this can continue until he reaches 5. He has multiple exclusions from nurseries and no child minder or nursery will take him. And I do not want to keep uprooting him. I am thinking of asking my family support worker to call the school I never got to visit to see if I can go there. I know if I am not happy with the school they name then I can go to tribunal.

So, any advice or anyone been in this position?

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