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Jury duty

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Bluebirdonmyshoulder Wed 03-Apr-13 15:41:39

A friend has been summoned for jury duty and it's got me in a panic - I've never done it before and now it would be very very difficult to do due to bluechick's needs and numerous medical appointments. Do carers of children with SN get excused?

Sorry if this seems like a ridiculous thing to suddenly be worrying about but I'm wondering if it's best to be pro-active and apply for exemption (if such a thing exists) rather than wait and then tell them I can't do it if summoned.

wasuup3000 Wed 03-Apr-13 15:47:55

Don't panic just write and explain that you are a carer of a child with whatever your child has and that no one else can do your job and that you cannot attend jury duty. They should be fine with that.

MadameSin Wed 03-Apr-13 20:29:07

Should not be a problem. I wrote to say I was the main carer for 2 small children when I was 'called up' and got a reprieve. You can't turn it down a 2nd time though.

emmetbrown Wed 03-Apr-13 21:21:13

Unless they send you a recorded delivery letter, don't answer it.

DiscoDonkey Wed 03-Apr-13 22:40:31

Don't worry I got called for it when DS was a baby. I had pnd and my doctor just rang them and said I wouldn't be attending.

MissDuke Wed 03-Apr-13 23:03:42

A friend of mine who has a little girl with aspergers recently got excused as she is a sahm and had no childcare - you should be fine x

lisad123everybodydancenow Wed 03-Apr-13 23:44:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zzzzz Wed 03-Apr-13 23:52:22

I was excused because I couldn't afford to get to the court, so carer should easily.

As a side issue, what happens if ds is ever called in the future? He absolutely is not competent to do jury service, but we don't have a dx, what would happen?

davidsotherhalf Thu 04-Apr-13 22:22:31

i was called for jury service last September, I tried to get out of it by saying I was a carer, they told me I would have to pay someone to care for dd and claim expenses, I couldn't get out of it, the only way ppl can get out of it is by having a sick note from your doctor saying your ill and this would excuse you for a short time until they send for you again a few months down the line.

CouthySaysEatChoccyEggs Thu 04-Apr-13 22:39:40

What if there IS no safe, suitable care for your DC? Be a use there isn't for my DS3. He can't attend a childminder or a nursery unless it is in a food free environment - ESPECIALLY dairy free. I am yet to find anywhere except an SN school (only open 9-3) that is suitable, and then only from age 3, IF they have a place.

My DS3 is only 2.2yo.

This scares the crap out of me, tbh. There really IS nowhere to leave him, to the point where I have to delay my own medical treatment until his dad is off work (no ability to book holiday at short notice OR take unpaid leave, as he uses up all his Carer's leave quickly as both our DS's are disabled) on his usual days off.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Thu 04-Apr-13 22:58:07

I've been excused twice, although the last time was 12 years ago, so I don't know if things have changed.
Was called up when DD was a tiny bf baby, plus DS1 was 2 1/2, DH away a lot and I had no childcare.

Was excused, but, bizarrely, was asked again 3 years later when DS2 was 6 wks old, bf, etc etc.

They did let me off for a second time, but said in no uncertain terms it wouldn't happen again.

Might be worth pre-empting any requests and explaining it's not possible. Not site who you'd write to though - the CPS?

Icedcakeandflower Thu 04-Apr-13 23:07:11

I was summoned last year and have been excused for the foreseeable future as I am the sole carer with no family support.

Inappropriatelyemployed Fri 05-Apr-13 10:07:26

You haven't been called for jury duty though have you?

There is no exemption in advance. Certain groups are disqualified from being called but carers are not one of them.

I have never been called and most people haven't. Don't worry. Just deal with it if and when it happens.

It is a really important task so think very hard before saying you can't do it. Juries really need people with alsorts of different life experiences.

Icedcakeandflower Fri 05-Apr-13 10:14:17

I should add to my previous post that I told them I was HE, so that might have contributed to my exemption.

WhoKnowsWhereTheChocolateGoes Fri 05-Apr-13 10:21:52

I've done it and am doing it again next week. You can't get a blanket exemption in advance, but when you are summoned you get a leaflet explaining on what grounds you can be excused however the usual route is deferment, rather than exemption. I have heard of people getting off because of exams, childcare, medical grounds.

Although I didn't want to do it last time I have to say it was one of the most interesting experiences of my life.

Inappropriatelyemployed Fri 05-Apr-13 10:24:18

The CPS is the prosecution service. The court service summons juries.

I realise it is not possible for some people but if you are called and can make it, do try as diverse juries are really important. It is an important civic duty.

I know some people simply can't but don't dismiss it out of hand and really, don't worry about it unless it happens.

Inappropriatelyemployed Fri 05-Apr-13 10:26:13

Whoknows - it is good to hear you say that. A lot of people find it very rewarding and it is good to see people from different walks of life in the jury. We can't leave it all to the pensioners!

Icedcakeandflower Fri 05-Apr-13 10:28:08

You're right, WhoKnows, wrong choice of words in my post - I should have said deferment rather than exemption

I would love to go on jury service, but there is just no way that I can.

I've heard of somebody who got out of it by turning up on the day and expressing some extreme views on justice shock

WhoKnowsWhereTheChocolateGoes Fri 05-Apr-13 11:03:48

Having said that, I'm not too impressed about being called up for it again so soon (just under 5 years since I did it).

They played a mean trick on me yesterday - I got a letter saying "Due to a change in circumstances you are no longer required to attend for jury service on Tuesday 9th April". Hooray!

Then I read the rest of it which said - "Please attend on Weds 10th at 9.30am". Boo!

I am going to prepare my case in advance for not going on a long trial though; although I can manage childcare for a couple of weeks it is difficult and relying on a lot of favours from others, also DS has ASD and hates change to his routine. I shudder at the thought of getting on a really long case.

Inappropriatelyemployed Fri 05-Apr-13 13:32:25

Icecake - we don't have jury vetting in this country save in the most extreme cases.There is no facility to question people on their personal views on justice so I am afraid the story you have been told is total rubbish.

Don't worry about it unless it happens and if it does, look at your circumstances, and if you really can't do it, explain why. This should be sufficient.

But there is no point planning ahead for something which might never happen and if it does,it might happen years in advance when your circumstances might be different.

whokilleddannylatimer Fri 05-Apr-13 13:50:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Icedcakeandflower Fri 05-Apr-13 15:05:13

IE, thanks for clarifying about jury vetting. It's good to have you back on here grin

Bluebirdonmyshoulder Fri 05-Apr-13 17:24:52

Just deal with it if and when it happens.

To be honest innappropriatelyemployed I would have thought that it's better to be pro-active and seek exemption in advance rather than wait to be called and then make excuses. But if there's no facility to do that then so be it.

It is a really important task so think very hard before saying you can't do it.

Yes I know it is. And completely impossible for me to do for the foreseeable future without DD suffering. I don't need to think hard about it, it's pretty obvious to me.

I'm slightly aggrieved actually that you think I'm trying to use my DD to shirk an important civic duty.

Inappropriatelyemployed Fri 05-Apr-13 18:18:32

"I'm slightly aggrieved actually that you think I'm trying to use my DD to shirk an important civic duty"

I am sorry but that is your take on it. I have never said anything of the sort. Of course, it is perfectly ok to ask about these things and see if there is any such thing as 'an exemption in advance'.

But, as others have said, I can only tell you that no one will give you a life long exemption because you are a carer. You won't get a future exemption because lives change for the better and worse. None of us can predict the future.

I am sorry if you don't like that answer but that is why I have said 'just deals with it IF it happens'. It has never happened to me or anyone I know and I am getting on!! So I was just trying to say - why stress???

Perhaps , as you are not facing jury duty at the moment,it is best not to fret too much about it.

DiscoDonkey Fri 05-Apr-13 18:26:17

My mum is 65 and most aggrieved that she has never been called for jury service. There is a good chance you will never be called.

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