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Titration onto Methylphenidate - what to expect?

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kinkyfuckery Tue 02-Apr-13 22:20:13

DD (8 this week) has appointment in a couple of weeks to begin titration onto medication for ADHD (dx Feb 2013).

What should I expect?

I've been told that it involves weekly appointments to check her symptoms, height, weight, BP, etc and increasing the dose until we find something that works, but what does the initial appointment involve? Will she be given medication to start straight away after this appointment? How much should I say to her beforehand or how much will they explain there?

streakybacon Wed 03-Apr-13 08:17:06

I think it depends on the consultant. Some will start low dose meds at the first appointment, while others will give parents information about the options then have a follow up meeting to decide where to start. They will take all the baseline checks as well (that you've mentioned) so there's a starting point.

With my son, I told him we were seeing a doctor who would talk to us all about medication that would help him with his various difficulties, but they wouldn't be fixed overnight and it might take a while to get things just right. I also told him we'd have to go back regularly for checks.

It's worth keeping a diary of symptoms so that you can report back in between appointments, if necessary. Get an email address as well so that you're not trying to catch people on the phone.

Hope it goes ok.

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