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Warning changes to Legoland exit passes!!

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lisad123everybodydancenow Fri 29-Mar-13 12:16:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lisad123everybodydancenow Sun 31-Mar-13 20:41:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tooloudhere Sun 31-Mar-13 20:47:12

But surely if discrimination and equality is about giving everyone a chance to enjoy the same things in life there should be measures to make sure that the rides are accessible.

Why hop up and down on one leg wanting things for one group of disabled people but not another?

Fluffy1234 Sun 31-Mar-13 20:49:42

Do you think my son who suffers from epilepsy would be eligible for an exit pass if our doctor wrote a letter? He gets very tired ( due to his meeds) and hot (he has a problem with regulating his body temperature) and distressed in queues.

Inappropriatelyemployed Sun 31-Mar-13 20:51:11

Now someone has reported me for posting the CEO's email address.

This email address is readily available on the internet. Please look at this site which can be quite helpful for identifying those at the helm and thus responsible for large organisations and their policies.

It is also easily available elsewhere with a quick google.

This is not a private email address. It is a business address and it is publicly available on the internet. I tend to think those paid substantial amounts for running massive corporations should have such issues brought to their attention

Ultimately, anyway, emails sent to CEO email addresses are never dealt with by the CEO but by a customer service team or a similar team in the Directors' office.

Perhaps someone is a bit confused.

elliejjtiny Sun 31-Mar-13 20:55:02

lisa DS2 is physically disabled and he's never been entitled to an exit pass, that's not a new thing. I'm never sure whether to be annoyed about it or not though, after all he can queue. I think I earned my free ticket last time though when I carried him through the adventure playground thing because he wanted to go on the slide grin

lisad123everybodydancenow Sat 06-Apr-13 13:00:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beautifulgirls Sat 06-Apr-13 14:41:43

So if 70% of visitors accessed under 8 rides, why restrict everyone to 10 rides as this is not going to reduce their queues. Grrr.

Inappropriatelyemployed Sat 06-Apr-13 15:01:22

My thoughts exactly beautifulgirl. It's a load of nonsense. If 70% were having only 8 rides or less, how many were actually accessing over 10 rides? How many guests with disabilities did they speak to?

How will this make any difference to queues?

Simone007 Wed 10-Apr-13 17:46:42

Hi! I was thinking of visiting LEGOLAND this Saturday with my two. My DS (7) has ASD and awaiting dx for Dyspraxia. Days out can be a nightmare as he becomes very anxious waiting in queues and standing within close proximity to others. I hadn't realised about 'exit passes' until reading this. Does anybody know how do I go about arranging this please? We are planning on visiting Saturday - have I left it too late to organise?

lisad123everybodydancenow Wed 10-Apr-13 18:08:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Scruffey Wed 15-May-13 22:27:33

2000 people per day using this facility was clearly the problem. Is the implication that some were abusing the policy?

MareeyaDolores Wed 15-May-13 23:41:58

"Which on some days was as much as 2000 guests"

That's probably one term-time day when half a dozen special schools came on their pre-booked, expensively paid for, trips.

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