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BBC anyquestions

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AnotherAlias Thu 28-Mar-13 10:51:38

long time poster (since 2006-ish) many name changes

Question time is coming to my elder dc's school - I am hoping to get a ticket and am hoping this could be a chance to ask an SEN question.....

it is 26 Apr -you don't get to put your question until the day of the recording, so I guess there is no point discussing what we would like to ask at this stage - so any queries about SEN regime should stay on appropriately's thread for now - but if I do get tickets, I'll be waiting for your suggestions about what I should ask.

The other thing I have heard today is that Nick Clegg takes questions from the public who phone into LBC every Thursday morning - some one has already phoned in once apparently with a "query" relating to SEN provision - and telling a tale of woe about the provision in our London borough - so I don't know if they would consider it duplication and filter me out - but it might be worth a whirl? I know it is the DailyMail of radio - but it does get a big audience

AnotherAlias Thu 28-Mar-13 11:03:01

alternatively one of you ladies who understands the difference between a radio and a tele might like to have my ticket if I get one!!

ANY QUESTIONS which is a BBC 4 program is coming to my son's school not question time - sorry

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