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Formal and Standardised tests whats the difference?

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bubblesinthebath Thu 28-Mar-13 10:30:22

Just that really. Are they the same thing? If they aren't would it make much of a difference to the information that's gathered?

Not sure, but standardised just means that the results are adjusted for age, so you get a score that compares with other DC of the same chronological age, usually with 100 being average for that age, less than 100 being a lower score etc. Sometimes they are quoted as centiles, so 50th centile being average for that age, 10th centile means 10 % of children of the same age would score less, 90% would score more etc.

Formal testing would just be a test taken according to the instructions, I guess. Most tests performed by EPs would be formal and the results should be standardised, otherwise they are pretty meaningless. If you just get the raw scores, eg 12 out of 30 you have no idea whether that's a good score or what! That 12/30 should be standardised against the expected score for a child of that age and given as a centile or standardised 'IQ' type score with 100 being average.

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