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26 weeks on and not heard a thing

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sweetteamum Wed 27-Mar-13 12:53:57

I am ashamed to say I've took my eye off the statutory assessment process ball and am all over the place with dates etc. I'd just like to ask you very helpful people for confirmation on timescales as I can't see the info on all documents I have.

Initially SA was refused, but they quickly changed their minds before it got anywhere near the appeal stage. My first question is (and this will probably make everything else fall into place)

Does the 26 week deadline go from you asking the LA to assess - as in, the date the LA received your request, or from it being accepted? I know this is probably an obvious question but I'm really not very well at the minute and making myself dizzy looking.

Also, the LA said the proposed statement is due on 26 March. However, I need to check that date as if its correct I've heard nothing at all and don't know what my next steps are?

Any advice is really appreciated.

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Wed 27-Mar-13 13:27:08

Have you not received the proposed statement yet?

My LA did not meet the deadline for the proposed statement and so only had a couple of days following the deadline for parental response to the proposed and the final - ie no time to discuss or amend.

btw it is supposed to be 26 weeks from beginning to issue of final statement.

Phone/email your LA caseworker and find out where they are at. In my case they said they were waiting for the medical report which I was able to chase up whereas they could not be arsed.

sweetteamum Wed 27-Mar-13 13:44:34

Thanks Keepon, I got myself all confused there.

I was trying not to call but took your advice and have called them. They said there is just 1 piece of advice left to get in, and that it was due in by the end of the day.

She said the statement (i'm presuming she means proposed statement) has been written.

They're hoping to get it sent recorded delivery to me.

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