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Got the Dx of autism for 2.3 DS. Have questions...can you help me understand?

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TrucksAndDinosaurs Fri 22-Mar-13 18:58:55

Hello again and thanks so much for the support whilst I waited for DS Dx.
I have just got it but whereas I would usually get a meeting with th Ed psych who wrote it, she is now til mid April so we just have the draft to work with.

Thanks to all the fab posts of yore on this board and google I have managed to learn quite a bit over the last few months but now the report is here I have some questions, and was wondering if you could help?

Firstly, I thnk because AS is beng dropped in the next DSM she has instead diagnosed 'autism' and said 'currently his symptoms are mild'.

I have all the tests administered and their results. They started at the initial MCHAT and then we had...
Autism Diagnosic interview - revised (ADI-R) over two extended interview sessions.
*ADOS model 1 - pre verbal*with sme stuff from next module as DS is speaking in 5-6 word sentences at 2.3.
Conners Early Childhood (Conners EC)
Developmentl Profile -3
Childhood Autism Rating Scale - second Edition (CARS2)
Vineland II

Which looks pretty comprehensive. No SALT present though and no second Paed/psychologist opinion yet (they will take a look later - this is draft early report).

I will just give the ADOS scores as that is what I think most people here will be most familiar with as is used in UK as well (I'm an expat)

ADOS total score 13 (autism cut-off =7, autism spectrum cut-off =12
ADOS communication score 4 (autism cut-off 4, autism spectrum cut-off =2
ADOS reciprocal social interaction score 12 (autism cut-off =7, autism spectrum cut-off =12)

She also said (amongst a lot of other things) that he is showing early signs of hyperlexia, presents with particular impairment in play and social skills, and nin-verbal cmmunication, he has precocious language which appears well-developed but uses less communication for joint social purposes that would be expected given strength of language acquisition.

So basically I am asking: is this what used to be called Aspergers? Or autism?

Sorry this is so long.
I will probably post an emotional falling apart post later when i have time and wine to hand but right now I am in coping mode which for me is analyze and comprehend data, gather info, get hard facts and read. There it is in black and white and my response is: what the fuck does it actually MEAN?

Thanks, a million.

TrucksAndDinosaurs Mon 25-Mar-13 12:07:06

Mummytomog, that's so interesting (and must be very annoying). I really want to write longer reply but DS didn't nap yesterday and DH at work so not been able to! Will try later today (it's 7am here).

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