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ADD/ADHD - the diagnosis process begins...

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BertramBertram Wed 20-Mar-13 19:21:56

Have had concerns about DS2 for a while but put his behaviour down to his age (5next month). Having spoken to his teacher, behaviour is getting worse at school as it has been at home. She said she was going to speak to SENCO and would like DS to be observed in classroom. She also recommended a visit to GP.

Been to GP to ought. DS2 bounced round the office acting like zebedee on speed!! GP is referring us to children's centre for assessment.

I know this is a good thing - either he will get a diagnosis (and hopefully help) or we will be told we have a very energetic, strong minded little boy. For me, no downside (at least not when I have my positive head on grin).

Can someone talk me through what I should be expecting when we get our referral?

MadameSin Wed 20-Mar-13 19:46:57

Can I ask where you are in the country ... differs from region to region as to which agencies get involved. My route was GP referral to Developmental Paed, a few form fill-ins by us and school, a 2 hour consulation including ds2 and Bob's ya uncle ... diagnosis mild-moderate ADHD. The lead up and diagnosis was the most stressful and heart breaking time of my life. After that, it was all up hill. Mind you, they wouldn't give my son a proper diagnosis until he was 7 and a half due to many traits being 'ages appropriate'. He has changed sooo much over the last couple of years. When I think back to when he was 5, he a loose cannon grin ... so much more aware of himself now, really proud of him .... chin up!

BertramBertram Wed 20-Mar-13 21:16:04

Thanks Madame. We're in Cardiff. GP said we will be referred to the Children's Centre. DS was bouncing off the walls (almost literally grin) in the GP's so I was stressed and didn't ask what it involved.

I just hope we don't go on one of his good days if you know what I mean. He can charm the birds out of the trees when he wants to. I find it easier to cope if I know what to expect!!!

Having a better day today. Last night I felt like a real failure as a mum - DS1 is being assessed for dyspraxia so I feel like I've let them both down somehow (I do know I haven't but sometimes logic & my brain don't connect!).

How did they treat your DS?

MadameSin Wed 20-Mar-13 22:02:29

Reminded me of ds2's 3 year check up when he climbed up the health visitor's filing cabinet grin We had to fill in a Connor's questionnaire and the school got a version too. The answers were plotted on a graph and that was the main aid to help with his diagnosis. They plot the child as inattentive, hyper active, defiant or a combination of any. The form also helps them to determine if your child is OCD, suffers from anxiety/depression, autism, oppositional defiance disorder etc etc. Because his dx was mild/moderate he was not offered medication and from a personal view, I was pleased with this decision. I help him with diet, exercise, firm boundaries, lots of talking and supplements. His schools have been varied, but mostly good. You have to stay on top of them and be his advocate ... you know him better than anyone else, so don't ever let anyone tell you your son is something he is not. Read as much as you can about ADHD and related conditions. You'll become an expert in no time. So many conditions are overlapped and related and it wouldn't surprise me if your other child had dyspraxia ... my 16 year old ds almost certainly had very mild ADHD that went unnoticed, but he's suffering now with GCSE revision. Oh, and I also have it shock

BertramBertram Thu 21-Mar-13 09:35:49

Thanks for the advice Madame. One of the things I love about MN is that you don't feel alone or judged. It also makes you realise that as bad as things might be, we are still very lucky! It does seem like these things are hereditary. Having read up on dyspraxia, I think I may have it mildly and over the years have developed coping strategies which minimise the impact it has on my life.

Are there any recommendations on reading material? I know when I started reading around dyspraxia I wasted a lot of money on books that were stating the bloody obvious and teaching me (even as a complete newbie) to suck eggs!! I read on a thread somewhere about a defiance disorder (can't remember the actual name) and remember thinking it sounded a bit like DS2 - he has no fear of authority and will not do something unless HE wants to and startegies such as rewards & punishments have no effect on him whatsoever!!

MadameSin Thu 21-Mar-13 19:03:32

Think you may be talking about Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD). The questionnaire I referred to would pick that up. I'm sure the Connor's test is recognised and used nationally for an ADHD diagnosis process. I too have in-built strategies to help with my attention deficit. Also, thinking back to when I was in my teens and early twenties, my behaviour was wild! grin So glad I did it then though, as my life is very ordinary now. It wasn't until my son was diagnosed, that I approached the specialist about me and she agreed, I also had it. The internet is a great place to start. I've read a few books like you and wasted money, but to be honest you can get the same information online. You will find a load of rubbish written about ADHD and you'll learn to weed these out. Stick to reputable web sites set up in the interest of the child. I found this site in the early days and found the diet info really interesting and I know it's helped my ds massively My ds also has dyslexia, which is very common in ADHD kids cos they weren't 'in the room', so to speak, in the foundation years at school, so the basics weren't learnt. I do think your little man is still quite young for formal diagnosis ... it could be so many other things.

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