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SA agreed

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Dev9aug Fri 22-Mar-13 11:25:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zumbaleena Thu 21-Mar-13 07:03:38 I would not be asking la to fund home stuff. We are not going for ABA, just want 1:1. I was talking abt letting LA EP into our house to view ABA sessions as that is wht has worked for us. I am looking to get ABA 1:1 funded in school but if that is unacceptable to LA, I would be happy with any 1:1. Idea is to show dd with 1:1 and then without 1:1

MareeyaDolores Thu 21-Mar-13 01:30:52

School just need to know she's having assessment. Can say the LA were reluctant and thought wasn't that necessary.

Don't know about letting LA ed psych in to house. Would you be asking LA to fund the out-of-school input?

MareeyaDolores Thu 21-Mar-13 01:26:14

Book your EP but not for now, for 4-5m time, choosing the date as if heading to tribunal for NIL (so 10w, then 0-8w to draft appeal, then 14-20w till hearing). Too early means you'll pay twice, it'll 'expire'

As you can always postphone the assessment if necessary.

OhYeaBaby Wed 20-Mar-13 20:30:25

good luck with it. Shame about the school not playing ball - could it be that as a private school they don't get any extra funding for a statemented child, but are then obliged to follow the statement - at present they are agreeing to help rather than being obliged to? Might be worth reading code of practice again closely -there are definitely provisions in there about parents having to cooperate with the process - I wonder if there is something in there telling schools they must cooperate? Is the school over subscribed - otherwise if push comes to shove they may not want to see you (and your fees) walk out the door...

coff33pot Wed 20-Mar-13 20:29:02

Usually the LA send in an EP themselves and so the school will have to be "involved" in his/her assessment/observations and contribute as much information as possible to make the LA understand your DD needs this statement provision?

Your DD will normally be seen by the school doctor for an assessment too (peadiatrician) but again not sure if its all private.

coff33pot Wed 20-Mar-13 20:26:13

As far as i can remember it took 6 weeks for initial decision to agree to assess then it was 10 weeks after that. I was given a deadline date to expect decision and draft statement. Holidays like Easter break could make this a longer wait as schools cannot be contacted.

As far as private school goes I have no idea. I really would not want my child in a school that was not interested in getting involved in the statement and wanting to help understand the provision....

I am only guessing and assuming and I may be wrong but my hunch is they are only too happy to have your tutors there as for a start they are not paying for it and it is up to you to bear the cost?

Are you hoping the LA will give you the funding for the tutors? Is it ABA tutors you are on about?

I am not sure how the private educational sector works tbh.

zumbaleena Wed 20-Mar-13 20:13:50

people...someone pls respond!

zumbaleena Wed 20-Mar-13 15:57:55

I am a superhappy and super proud mum today. LEA agreed to assess dd after turning down first request of SA in Jan as she had not been diagnosed. Then NHS diagnosed her within a few weeks and I asked LEA to reconsider my new evidence with diagnosis. They tried all sorts of trciks. I met them alone in a meeting and told them we will see you in tribunal if you do not wish to assess and bingo! the news today is that they will assess. so yay! and my biggest thanks to sickofsocalledexperts...for me she is the expert :-))))

Couple of questions for guidance from wise mums here pls -

1. How does th deadline work now? Is it 10 weeks from the date the panel decided to assess?

2. Should I book my private EP now? as these private EPs get booked soon

3. Should I let the LAEP observe dd in home setting - within an ABA session?

4. How should I deal with the school? The school are a nice little private one, they have allowed my tutors in, work very well with tutors, full co-operation with me verbally and on paper but do not want to get involved in statementing...don't ask me, they do not want the extra paperwork but haven't said anything illegal to me. they are just funny. I would like dd to go into this particular school.

So wise mummies, guide this novice through a new journey that hopefully should culminate in a statement and not a NIL, otherwise - tribunal! tribunal! I am waiting to come and see you :-)))

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