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advice needed pls, RE - dd 6yo ref to ocupational therapist and educational psychologist

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adelinehillman Wed 20-Mar-13 11:09:09

It's a waiting game until you get some formal diagnonis, which you must push for.

In the meantime I suggest getting your DD some work books that are suitable for her age, where she can practice her work. Also have a look for stuff that can help her fine motor skills as this will help her when holding a pencil etc. Also if you have an iPad/iPhone have a look for some free downloadable apps for literacy which my DS who has ASD finds fun. There are also lots of programs on the Internet you could look up on a PC.

Good luck.

mrslaughan Tue 19-Mar-13 21:52:37

I think the most important thing is to push and push until you understand why she finds these things difficult.
And then investigate, research all the things you can do to help.
Don't get palmed off, get the professionals to dig deeper and deeper so you understand exactly where she needs help.
The thing is - once you understand then you can help..... The waiting to find out is awful

armani Tue 19-Mar-13 21:32:15

hi, my dd had an apoointment today with a pediatrician and occupational therapist. She completed a visual sensory assesment and scored within the lowest 0.6% sad
we are waiting on more assesments etc from pediatrician, OT etc. School are in the process of involving an educational psychologist and she has been re referred back to SALT so at the moment we are playing the waiting game.

DD is in year2 and really struggles with her reading, literacy and writing etc. She cant currently write using sentences and really struggles with blending phonemes into words. She is working on stage 3 phonemes at present and despite alot of extra support from the school she is not making progress.

I am really struggling at the moment as to what i can do to help dd. School are in process of talking to ed pscych but this process will no doubt take a long time. Is there anything else i should be doing? i have read lots on here about statements etc but am not sure if that is what is should be applying for at this stage.

i feel like time is passing by and dd is getting further and further behind. im sorry if this all sounds like im waffling just i am desperate for some advice. thanks if you have read this x

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