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Off to update IEP at nursery - meeep

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MummytoMog Tue 26-Feb-13 11:08:07

DD's last one had three targets on it

Reduce number of wetting incidents
Allow other children to play with her with the small world toys
Engage in chasing games with other children

I know she can do all of this at home, we've basically potty trained her since the last IEP meeting, we've had kids over to play with DD and she's all over her brother. I'm really hoping that they're going to say DD is doing wonderfully, and how super awesome she is. BUT we had the EYASS mob come round to the house a couple of weeks ago, they drove DD into a screaming frenzy (they brought a broken toy with them. She doesn't like broken toys) and I was probably getting a bit sharp with them by the time they finished asking their stupid questions and treating my daughter like she was far more impaired than she actually is. So I'm slightly worried that I'll get rubbish feedback and that will make me feel miserable when we've been really pleased with how DD is doing at home and when we go out and about. Like when the audiologist told us that DD's hearing was much better (yay) but that he thought she was autistic (not yay).

I really like DD's nursery, but they do tend to use phrases that get my back up. DD's teacher often starts sentences with 'Children like this....'. There is no other child like DD, that's kind of the point. Must get my smiling, nodding face on.

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