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Minor, but a daily frustration - trousers & SPD - anyone else?

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LargeLatte Tue 26-Feb-13 10:25:54

ds2 (6) is such an easy going chap almost all of the time, until I attempt to dress him in anything other than joggers.

So far for school I have been customizing girls jersey trousers to give them a straight leg, so look like normal boys trousers, and at home he wears joggers.

It's not his wasit that's the issue, more that he doesn't like the fabric touching around the top of his legs when he sits / walks / runs.

Does this resistance to firmer clothing ever end? Should I just let him slob about in joggers, or is it time to insist he tolerates some normal trousers for a few hours?

zzzzz Tue 26-Feb-13 10:30:29

I'm not sure it does ever end but you can help him tolerate other fabrics just because its not nice to feel you "can't" wear something. Very desirable dressing up clothes might work, or trousers lined with PJ bottoms (next used to do lined trousers or girls).

inappropriatelyemployed Tue 26-Feb-13 10:31:30


My son was the opposite at this age and insisted on wearing school trousers even at the weekends - but I think it was because they were easier and lighter than jeans.

Things have definitely got alot easier and he will wear jeans now.

He used to have a massive problem with polo shirts too but that has eased.

One thing that did work was to try de-sensitising by rubbing the skin with a rough towel just before you put the clothes on. We used to do this as a game and I would sing a silly song about Mr Towel helping him as he was feeling very sensitive grin. He thought I was ridiculous but it seemed to take his mind off it.

Also, rewards can help. Just for trying things for short periods.

I think the problem with sensory issues is that they do then turn into routines which can be hard to break. However, it is often easier to do so as the child gets older and finds it easier to reason or is easier to motivate!

EstherRancid Tue 26-Feb-13 10:32:04

is it perhaps the rubbing he hates?

DD hates dresses/skirts moving about her legs too, so putting short leggings under them helps her a lot.

is there any chance DS could wear these, lycra cycling shorts might work?

zzzzz Tue 26-Feb-13 10:38:02

Bath oil or moisturiser on his legs might help....they feel less when greasey. hmm

LargeLatte Tue 26-Feb-13 10:39:21

inappropriate you have just reminded me that the OT did a desensitising exercise with him when we went the other day, and I'd forgotten about that, so will give it a go.

zzzz and Esther - I like your ideas of putting something underneath. I am wondering if he might like the all over squeezy pressure of cycling shorts.

He doesn't fuss about anything really, just this one issue so I know it must really bother him.

zzzzz Tue 26-Feb-13 10:43:58

Well in the grand scheme of things liking soft fabric isn't going to cause too many problems, but I think it's good for self esteem to beat these things back a little. Thermals?

Then he could always blame them on you and have the batty Mum who worries hell get cold.

used2bthin Tue 26-Feb-13 10:52:58

Dd hates this too, she now wears joggers to school twice a week on pe days to avoid more changes than needed. For her it's the getting changed bit partly but also the fabric. I am a bit similar so tend to go with it, I remember my mum being really frustrated with me, luckily I didn't have uniform.

Dds desensitising ot stuff definitely does help a bit , I know because I get whacked much more when I haven't done it!

porridgeLover Tue 26-Feb-13 11:27:09

This was linked on here a few weeks ago. I bookmarked it for my own DS.

Would anything there help?

PolterGoose Tue 26-Feb-13 20:05:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yuckythingsonthefloor Tue 26-Feb-13 20:41:37

something called dermaskin underneath?

LargeLatte Wed 27-Feb-13 09:54:09

Thanks all. I think what he gets upset about is the sensation of tightness across the top of his thighs. But he is definitely getting worse because he refused any trousers this morning, even stretchy ones saying they were too tight. But once I got a pair on him he seemed to forget about it so persistence is key.

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