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Meeting with LEA next week

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theDudesmummy Tue 19-Feb-13 13:50:01

Hi, I wondered whether any of you who have already been through this stage had any advice. We have had a proposed statetement from the LEA, and I have then submitted a detailed response to that, with the changes we want to see (essentially pinning them down re hours for the home VB programme, plus naming a particular, non-maintained ABA school for when he is ready to go to school).

We now have a meeting (requested by me) with the LEA next week. Any thoughts on how I should approach this? The caseworker who phoned me today said that the panel will me meeting this week to discuss the case and my proposed amendments to the statement, and then we will have the meeting next week to discuss what they said.

I've booked a call with IPSEA tomorrow, sure they will have something useful to add, but just wonderedvwhether anyone here had thoughts

Thanks so much!

theDudesmummy Sun 03-Mar-13 11:36:26

I really do appreciate the replies, thanks everyone. Beautifulgirls, they are refusing to name a school now (at least that's what they said at the meeting, but obviously I have not seen the final statement!). So we don't even know what school they woul be naming )(just that it will not be the one we want).

Thinking about it now (and chewing it over with DH), I think maybe we will just let them go ahead and finalise, knowing that we will be moving forward to an appeal whatever.

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