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Speech therapy wording in statement

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AgnesDiPesto Mon 18-Feb-13 12:03:55

Had a mental blank. Can someone think of a sentence for Statement to ensure the SLT is someone with experience with children with asd and capable providing advice to an ABA provider who knows their stuff. Eg we want someone able to provide consultancy / monitoring layer and some assessment. We are not asking for direct therapy as ABA staff will do the language programmes. At the moment we have inexperienced NHS SLT who knows nothing about autism ordering ABA staff to do targets ds can already do. We have a private therapist in mind but LA digging around for someone on staff. Just want to make sure we don't end up with another numpty who knows nothing about language dev in asd. Wondering if any minimum training or experience requirements we could try and get written in.

AgnesDiPesto Tue 19-Feb-13 22:58:41

Just found this rather fab document which requires evidence based approaches and says:

Detailed “Knowledge and Skills” required of speech pathologists working in ASD will be outlined in Speech Pathology Australia’s Guidelines for speech pathologists assessing, diagnosing and treating clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (under development). In broad terms, however, the requisite knowledge and skills may include:
A sound knowledge and understanding of the core characteristics of ASD including the communication and behavior of a child with ASD;
A knowledge of available screening, assessment and observation tools and ability to interpret results and evaluate the language and pragmatic skills of a child with ASD;
Ability to analyse the underlying pragmatic language disorder and its impact on the communication development of a child with ASD;
Knowledge of a range of intervention approaches and programs appropriate to an individual with ASD;
Ability to plan and implement communication intervention;
Skills to develop functional visual strategies to assist with the child’s communication and
Knowledge of behavioural techniques and programs and ability to manage the child’s behaviour
and optimise outcomes during therapy;
Ability to work with families and utilise family-centred approaches, as appropriate; and
Application of a multidisciplinary consultative approach through contact with other specialists,
educators and support workers involved in the management of an individual with ASD.

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