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Good Luck babiki tribunal tomorrow

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Scottishdancer Thu 14-Feb-13 16:01:57

Good luck, and happy birthday. will be thinking of you

bjkmummy Sun 17-Feb-13 08:17:49

my EP emailed me afterwards - she said thatthe way my LA did the costs at the end was all wrong as well. They tried to say no transport costs to their school which i challenged and the tribunal agreed with me. they had no evidence of how much their figures were - they were working the costs out on the back of an envelope! also by the head just mid evidence talking about the unit placement my EP felt was like late evidence - thye had submitted no paperwork for the unit placement , the prospectus was a series of photos of the school and thats it so her evidence was the same as late evidence. think the tribunal let it go as I didnt want an adjournment. The head twittered on about how much her school had changed and how it was a different school now blah blah - she forgot until i reminded her that my elder son had stayed on with her for an extra year so I knew exactly all about the school. was also able to read a letter she had wrote saying she would never place a verbal child in the class she was now trying to place him in. she never responded to that and the other side didnt ask to see the letter. the panel also commented that i had submitted paperwork from the last time he was there - including letters to her asking her why my son wasnt in this fantastic unit but out in the mainstream. so in some ways i think okay maybe i have a chance but you just dont know. did your LA have a legal rep as well?

babiki Sun 17-Feb-13 18:54:31

You know it looks if the tribunal will take this kind of hearsay evidence seriously, that it might be error of law - this is precisely what should not happen. From your description though I would say unless the panel were total ignorants, they must have seen through it.
Yes, our LEA sent a solicitor as soon as they saw we have a solicitor.

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