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Teaching body language and non-verbal communication skills -Moondog et al

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inappropriatelyemployed Sun 10-Feb-13 08:59:30

Ay suggestions for good sources for introducing body language and non verbal communication skills?

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 11-Feb-13 20:50:34

moondog Mon 11-Feb-13 20:56:53

Excellent article
I was sadly all too aware of this.
'It found that pupils who received intensive help from assistants made less academic progress than their peers in the core subjects of English, maths and science, calling into question the rapid expansion in TA numbers: there were 79,000 full-time equivalents in 2000, rising to almost 220,000 in November 2011.'

However don't then assume that all will improve magically when a teacher is involved. It won't. Most have terrifyingly scant knowledge of how to teach a child who is having difficulty learning.

oodlesofdoodles Tue 12-Feb-13 09:35:32

I.A. the therapist who wrote the book above has worked with DS. This has given us:
=direct therapy
=homework suggestions from her
=opened our minds to what non verbal communication really is and which parts DS needs to work on
=our own ideas to promote it at home
=school have been in contact with her and it helped open their minds, which I felt was better than nothing.

PM me if you want

Agree with moosemama - you can communicate a huge amount without verbal language. The special relationship between humans and dogs is a case in point. Deaf people communicating with each other is another. IMO the problem for verbal children is they (and their supporters) keep developing more and more verbiage while their non verbal skills atrophy.

inappropriatelyemployed Tue 12-Feb-13 10:42:38

Thanks Ooodles. Sorry what books was that? I will certainly PM you.

I absolutely agree with you about the problem with non-verbal skills failing to develop if you don't teach them specifically. In some ways, people might think this is a small problem, but it can have a massive impact on daily life.

DS has been brilliant the last two days going into school and just watching for people's reaction to his greeting. A very small step but it has made a big difference to his mood and to those of others.

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