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Not sure what to expect, but have got a funny feeling about it

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RinkyDinkyDoo Wed 06-Feb-13 21:47:18

DS got a statement in May 2011, started a SS assessmnt centre in the September wen he was 5years. We had a parents evening in the October and an annual review, complete with written report on the May 2012.
We had a letter inviting us to his annual review,tomorrow, 3 weeks ago, complete with a written report.
Now I'm a little nervous as to what to expect tomorrow-why have the annual review 3 months early and his written report? He could, in theory stay at the centre for another year, so I'm thinking it's a meeting preparing for his transistion to another school, will defo be a SS as he is too delayed in his speech and language for it to be anything else.
Any ideas? I'm worried also, as I'm not in a positive frame of mind ( you know the type, where the reality of my Ds's difficulties really hurts ) and I don't deal well with situations when I'm like this- either cry or verbally rip someones head off. xxx

dontknowwhat2callmyself Wed 06-Feb-13 23:13:47

Yes, DD's annual review was brought forward when she was in Y1 and at the meeting we talked about what school she would attend in juniors (Y3).
I think it's all to do with funding as I know for secondary school the process for statemented children starts in Y5.

YourHandInMyHand Thu 07-Feb-13 08:20:00

I agree it's probably just been brought forward to fit in better with the school yearly calendar. Hope review goes well.

RinkyDinkyDoo Thu 07-Feb-13 14:05:31

Thanks for the replies, think I was more worried about being faced with the 'bastard' Ed Psych who upset me so much last year.
Anyhow, it was great! Class teacher, assisstant head, OT (who I think the council sent, as we registered an official complaint with the council about rubbish OT services 2 weeks ago) and head of the specialist ASD school which has taken over the assessment centre and the school which we hope DS will progress to.
All lots of positives,progress and praise for DS.They asked where we saw him going in the future, we said continuing through to the main school, they said they do too, and yes, he will stay in the centre for another year- hurrah, as it's such amazing place grin

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