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Article discussing the myriad of approaches to treating autism - worth a read

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boxinggrubs Wed 06-Feb-13 11:35:23

Found via a tweet from Ben Goldacre. Interesting stuff, and food for thought. It made me think about Tinsley House support thread and how parents of children with autism really have a minefield to deal with in terms of what to do, as well as worry for their children -
autism treatments

moondog Mon 11-Feb-13 21:51:48

The gratifying thing where I am is that everyone has embraced this approach with open arms and open minds. We can't keep up with the demand which is so wonderful.
I'm talking regular schools here too. Nothing fancy or fee paying.
Just ordinary people in ordinary places realising that they can make a massive difference to kids' lives and that everyone can have a wonderful time doing so.

Kleinzeit Mon 11-Feb-13 22:43:37

That’s nice to hear moondog! A behaviour specialist (dunno if officially ABA or not) did a lot to advise DS’s school and create conditions in which he could learn. Our local authority has a team who can be called in to observe challenging children on the autism spectrum and advise teachers and TAs. The specialist didn’t spend time doing exercises with DS, but she did get to know him and advised staff on strategies (including how to interact with him and how to arrange the furniture!), made tailored visual timetables and wrote social stories. She was a great help.

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