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Don't think my daughter is processing what she is hearing

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bishybashyboshy Mon 04-Feb-13 12:53:04

Right my daughter is currently at MS nursery and is having weekly meetings with a speech therapist due to delayed expressive language, she is on a program for this which both the school and I are working on with her. the thing is I am pretty sure she isn't processing everything she hears, Most of the time I can put her not hearing down to not wanting to hear smile, a lot going on at the time, coming down with or getting over a cold and ear infections. Then there are the times I can not put it down to anything eg. walking upstairs either next to me or behind me, if she isn't actually watching my mouth (She tends to really concentrate on my mouth when I am talking to her), if she is across the room she constantly mis-hears what I say. I have mentioned this to her therapist who said there was no evidence of it during her time with her but in all honesty my daughter is sat in a quiet room, face to face across a small table and if the therapist doesn't catch what she says she always looks to me for clarification. Well at our last session I made a point of not hearing what my daughter was saying so when the therapist looked towards me for guidance I just said I'm sorry I didn't get what she said blush felt like quite a fraud tbh, anyways there it was plain as day my daughter was just repeating the last few words that the therapist had said but wasn't realizing whether she was asking a question or giving a command. She has had her hearing checked and all is fine. Has anyone else experienced this with their child?

moajab Wed 06-Feb-13 16:26:10

My DS has been at pre-school for nearly a year now and hasn't improved much. He does show better understanding and has increased his vocabulary. But still struggles with expressive language. He can't answer questions about, for example what he did at school that day or if he does he just answers with one of his 'stock' answers. He can say sentences but they tend to be sentences he's learnt parrot fashion.

As far as I know it is just an expressive language delay/disorder. His pre-school teacher thinks, and I agree, that his recpetive language is fine. And he is very able in terms of phonics and numbers. I'm pretty certain he doesn't have ASD or dyslexia. He has always enjoyed pre-school, but the pre-school takes children from age 2 1/2 so there are other children there at a similar stage of communication.

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Wed 06-Feb-13 17:04:29

DS1 has been to the APD clinic at GOSH. Reports are rather difficult to understand. eg DS1 is on the 5th percentile for understanding speech when there is background noise but this is actually more severe than you would think (given the 1-2% rule). Visit the APD website and phone the helpline. In the classroom this actually meant that DS1 only understood 5 words out of every 100 if he was really concentrating (which he quickly gave up on) and meant that he couldn't access the curriculum - he was relying on watching the other DC and trying to guess what he was supposed to be doing. Don't expect much in terms of intervention other than sitting at the front of the class. The clinic send out questionnaires to the school prior to the appointment - these indicated no problems whatsoever. Most teachers are unable to interpret the manifestions of APD.

SallyBear Wed 06-Feb-13 18:36:10

KeepOn. Your poor DS. That made such depressing reading. Has the ToD come in and given training to all staff about Deaf Awareness and APD? I got mine to do that for my DD about her Conductive Hearing Loss and BAHA.

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Thu 07-Feb-13 08:44:41

Sally - forgive my ignorance, but was is ToD? DS1 was seen at GOSH in August last year but we have had no feedback or any support from his comm paed. He is currently out of school (since September) and we are going to tribunal in may and have named an indi SS (he also has SpLD and ASD). The LA have named mainstream but have made no provision in his statement relating to APD. Is there any other organisation that APDUK that could offer advice?

SallyBear Thu 07-Feb-13 18:11:40

Keepingon. ToD is a teacher

SallyBear Thu 07-Feb-13 18:20:15

KeepingOn. ToD is Teacher of the Deaf. I don't know the answer to your other question. DS4 is deaf and is non verbal Autistic. He is nearly 6 and has been in LA Special School since Summer term last year. We were in MS but we had a very good SALT who gave him a communication age of a 5-8mos old baby. This was all the evidence we needed to facilitate a transfer from MS to a Special School. We were able to name the one we wanted too, so we've been very lucky.
Have you spoken to the NDCS and the NAS about his problems. The NDCS have been particularly helpful to me in the past.

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