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So why do you think your dd has autism? Sick of justifying...

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greener2 Sun 03-Feb-13 20:15:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gailforcewind Mon 04-Feb-13 19:35:13

JeffFaFa I am no expert but what you have described is almost exactly like my ds-everything from Dr.Who,same episodes etc,good eye contact,difficulty keeping friends,flapping,lack of empathy,great imagination,sensory issues etc etc etc.Differences would be ds has no problems with reading.The little professor euphemism doesnt necessarily mean they all spout lots of facts-often just means an intense interest in something.Ds certainly couldnt quote any facts about anything but would have a very intense interest in a few things.hmm.

It didnt cross our minds something was wrong until ds was around 8.
Ds was diagnosed with Aspergers at 9 yrs and is now almost 13.I would say it definitely gets more apparent as they get older and I would definitely advise an assessment sooner rather than later if you have concerns. It has made the world of difference to ds as both school and family now understand why he flaps,takes things literally,has no empathy,loves dr.who and star wars ad nauseum,etc etc.He gets help with social skills at school now and also needs help with remembering homework,organising himself,remembering instructions ie..bring pe kit tomorrow etc.
Getting an assessment will either confirm something or rule it out - No clinician will diagnose a child unecessarily and if there is an issue then definitely sooner rather than later.
I would also agree OP that the patronising comments really dont help from family and friends who 'just dont get it'. angry.

greener2 Mon 04-Feb-13 20:22:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JeffFaFa Tue 05-Feb-13 10:08:09

thanks gailforce, we are waiting on a referral from gp for ds its just taking its time, i didnt know that about the little professor, i suppose i imagined someone with aspergers being like sheldon from big bang theory or roy cropper in corrie, very intelligent, very literal and very quirky, or i imagine autism as not wanting friends, being withdrawn, high sensory issues etc. I know its not always case as ive read lots of parents on here whos children are all very different, but no matter what i read up on ds dosnt seem to 'fit' anything ifykwim. I hope the referral with shed some light on the situation, it seems horrible to say i want a dx for ds, that way there is a reason he behaves the way he does and maybe people will then understand.

bananananacoconuts Tue 05-Feb-13 12:49:09

i started a thread a few weeks ago titled why will no one fucking listen to me, as i'd just been to the doctor regarding ds and he basically dismissed me and said tell the school nurse to see you. i am not allowed to refer! (plus ignored my diary and list of symptoms)

i am so alone in my quest to help my son that i even question whether it's just me and i need to accept he's the naughty, disruptive child in class and thats why nobody wants to play with him (even though they love his sudden bursts of silliness).

i have a meeting with school nurse tonight after school after talking with class teacher. she is happy to assist but does seem to be under the impression that he's just wild!

i'm depressing myself now but just wanted you to know op that you are not alone. even though we feel like we're swimming in soup we will get the best for our dcs

BiddyPop Tue 05-Feb-13 13:45:40

All I hear about it that lots of kids are like DD and that "I'm sure she will grow out of it when she's older".

DD is HF Asp, so lots of her obvious behaviours could be seen as bored, rude, .... but she is also very much aware of behaving "well" in public so others generally don't see the results of her dealing with stressful situations (she waits until we're in the car or at home - or left an event and walking in public but where she's only interacting with DH and/or I, before she has a meltdown or kicks up a fuss about it all).

And I KNOW there are lots of kids who behave similarly (many of whom are ASD, many of whom are NT). But I also KNOW what the nursery, school, GP, psych, ed pysch, etc have all told me about my particular DD and her particular traits.

Strikeuptheband Tue 05-Feb-13 18:19:04

Aaaargh I am totally there with you. Before DD's diagnosis I was so frustrated with it I was having recurring dreams where I yelled at everyone I had ever met in my life ever just to listen to me!!!

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