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Somewhere new to take my DS

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MareeyaDolores Sun 03-Feb-13 19:20:19

These guys should know

gs27 Sun 03-Feb-13 13:19:57

My DS has just turned 5 and poss has ADHD and other social issues but still going through ass at present. There doesnt seem to be clubs that I can take him to without getting me stressed out, I have tried football & tennis but he ignores any instructions and wont wait in a line for his turn, just does his own thing. He started School in Sept and gets 1-1 full time. He takes swimming lessons but he just goes off and does his own thing and wont join in with the class - I now need to consider 1-1 swimming lessons as the other kids have moved up and he is still in the first class!!I would love him to join in, in group activities so the only place I can take him is the soft play area, where he is great and will play with other kids. I am sure there are plenty of groups out there but because he has not been formally diagnosed with anything I cant find any info on these clubs. I live in Sandwell/Dudley area.

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