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Daily Mail article about getting statement

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Oblomov Mon 04-Feb-13 07:24:14

I saw this.
And felt very sorry for her. And my first thought was, 'you should come on over to MN love, there are 100's of us who know exactly how you are feeling, unfortuntaley."

bjkmummy Sun 03-Feb-13 12:55:13

i agree too - how much you worry of they make any form of progress as it will be used against you at every single turn. my sen officers are just awful - had to endure a 3 hour meeting with 2 of them this week and their solicitor - i never ever want that experience again. its the lies as well and the complete distrust and how these people forget that they are dealing with children and the decisions they make can have such an absolute impact on these childrens lives

2tirednot2fight Sun 03-Feb-13 11:57:13

This rings so true to me too, from the response of the SEN officer to the distrust of professionals and the constant fear of hard won services being removed.

auntevil Sat 02-Feb-13 15:53:46

The cynic in me begs the question when the next article will appear in the Fail, which totally undermines this well written article with balanced sentimentality and reality

TheLightPassenger Sat 02-Feb-13 15:41:55

yes, excellent article, my LA's inclusion service were about as supportive as hers from the sound of it!

BeeMom Sat 02-Feb-13 14:37:16

Beautifully written, and sadly accurate. I wish them all the best at the tribunal.

CFSKate Sat 02-Feb-13 14:07:33

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