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Badvoc it must be a AIBU week with DHs LOL

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coff33pot Fri 25-Jan-13 11:07:34

As I mentioned I have been worried regarding middle dds pains in legs knees etc and finally I have an appointment booked for next week where I am going to insist on a referral.

We live in the same house you know DH and I and for the last 2 years she had been complaining on an off as mentioned here this week.

THIS MORNING drinking tea he says "oh" I remembered something yesterday"

I looked on to have him tell me that he had loose joints (his joints not much better now but age lol) also loose knees? had to have his back realigned as a child and the sports physio invented at the time something that represents the tens machine. It was £400 and a mould was made for his knees and this used to tense the muscles and force blood flow through the joints. He always had issues as his walk wasnt correct till his back was straightened.

TWO years I been telling him about DDs issues.

auntevil Fri 25-Jan-13 11:13:49

I'll join you on the AIBU week for DHs.
DH has an extra arm on 1 of his chromosomes - found out when his mum had an amniocentesis with his little sis.
Geneticist has said that she will test me and DH rather than put the DSs through it.
I told him he needed a blood test. Text answer came back 'no' angry
I know he usually says "I don't do needles" - but this is to save his DCs pain.
Badvoc - can I borrow your trusty fork. If he won't give blood by needle, there is another way - evil grin

coff33pot Fri 25-Jan-13 11:19:13

Tie him down Auntevil grin Tell him its his choice either you draw blood or he give it grin

DH has gone up for a shower oblivious and I am still staring at the same spot he was standing in thinking.....................................strangle with a tea towel.

coff33pot Fri 25-Jan-13 11:20:33

muahahaha! I turned the hot water on down here the shriek was satisfying I feel content grin

Badvoc Fri 25-Jan-13 11:36:01

Coff and auntevil Omg!
How did you control your violent urges!? smile
Sort of comforting knowing I am not alone though x

babiki Fri 25-Jan-13 12:37:22

Hahaha sorry but unbeliavable!

coff33pot Fri 25-Jan-13 12:52:52

He has phoned me 3 times today already for meaningless unnecessary messages etc wonder if my eyes revealed more than my silence....... he always said my eyes go black when I am up the pole grin

Badvoc Fri 25-Jan-13 13:49:52

Well he is home from work and has pissed me off again!
Made some "funny" comment when I asked if we could pop to ikea.
(Currently have piles of dirty washing all over my bedroom floor as ds1 decided sit on top of my washing basket...and broke it so I need some new laundry baskets (and choc marshmallows)
So have had to shout at him again.

TaggieCampbellBlack Fri 25-Jan-13 13:57:27

DH is being made redundant.

It's not his fault and the poor thing is gutted.

However, in an entirely selfish way, I am pissed off because it is going to make life incredibly difficult. Do yes. I am being extremely unreasonable, but I am worried sick.

TaggieCampbellBlack Fri 25-Jan-13 13:58:25

Badvoc, if you go to Ikea can you pick me up some meatballs and a large pack of forks for sticking in him. Thanks.

Badvoc Fri 25-Jan-13 14:00:34

Oh, taggie, so sorry to hear that sad
Of course I can get you some meatballs and forks and gin smile

coff33pot Fri 25-Jan-13 22:09:02

aw Taggie I am sorry to read about your DH sad fingers crossed and positive vibes being sent that something else crops up fast x

I didnt know Ikea sold marshmellows and meatballs?? thought it was just furniture lol I do live in the arc ages I think!

Havent seen DH yet lol but had a grand total of 8 phone calls grin

Badvoc Sat 26-Jan-13 07:54:41

I got a box of chocs coff smile
So he is sort of forgiven smile

auntevil Sat 26-Jan-13 11:05:46

LOL Coff - I do exactly the same if I'm cross with DH - Turn the water on downstairs when he's having a shower.
Oh the great sense of satisfaction.
Blood test forms came through the post today. I mentioned the forms - and the write up of our dx and appointment meeting - and DH said "that is now 3 times that you have told me that I need a blood test"
Just waiting for either a good sized fork (I'm thinking pitchfork? grin ) or the next time he has a shower grin
Btw - he WILL be getting it done. He may be twice my size, but if I have to drag him, so be it!
Sorry to hear your news Taggie <<HONK>>

Badvoc Sat 26-Jan-13 12:05:11

I will help hold him down if you like auntevil.
I can be a real ball buster all the time when I need to be smile

coff33pot Sat 26-Jan-13 12:16:12

grin we could all collectively help LOL instead of Hells Angels we could call ourselves the Pitchfork Gang haha!

coff33pot Sat 26-Jan-13 12:18:51

DS was watching something on TV this morning that he decided was scary (he doesnt like people creeping about and just arriving)

He said to his Dad "do things scare you Dad?" Dad said I am scared of nothing else other than your mother grin

Badvoc Sat 26-Jan-13 13:17:21

Alternatively we could stick cocktail sticks in him a LA acupuncture style so he looked like a hedgehog?
Of is that too much?
Coff...I have heard dh more than once say to the kids if they are being naughty "if you don't stop I will tell your mother!" smile I am most fearsome it would seem.

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