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New diagnosis of Dyslexia for dd who has cerebral palsy.

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 23-Jan-13 12:59:19

Dd2 is going to be 7 in March. Until recently school has always made any learning issues 'because she's tired, because of her cerebral palsy' and 'isn't she a happy, smiley little girl in her wheelchair'. She is bright and articulate but is really behind in reading, writing and some other areas of learning.

I had my suspicions, I fussed, they assesed before Xmas and I got the report today saying that dd has dyslexia. I'm used to fighting for CP issues but this feels like alien territory. shock. Dd has 33 hours of 1-1 support at school but her TA used to do after-school club before becoming dd's TA and I know she isn't trained in SN specifically. I have a team around the child meeting at school next week to discuss the assessment and report. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good info and maybe some advice on what I should actually expect in terms of support at school? I was thinking that dd should have some time with a TA with experience of dyslexia, is this reasonable?

yay! a whole nother area of SN for me to get used to... sad.

auntevil Wed 23-Jan-13 17:30:32

I would say that the school 's response will be that they have packages purchased by the LEA/School to boost reading skills which are designed for dyslexia.
Most are very self explanatory and effectively could even be done at home by yourself. and similar sites have lots of ideas that you could take to the table for implementation.
On the plus side, you already have a 1-1 who could help with making sure that all work is appropriately coloured, larger font, uses equipment as requested (colour overlays, guided rulers etc.

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