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yikes - looks like Im a tribunal guinea pig this afternoon!

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bjkmummy Tue 22-Jan-13 13:05:20

had an email yesterday at 4.30pm from the tribunal. my tribunal 3 weeks today.

the tribunal is trailling a new system for updating its information in preparation of the final hearing of the appeal and i have been selected to aprticpate (lucky me smile) aim is to make sure everyone is ready, the real issues of the case are identified and everyone prepared.

at 2.30pm today a registar will phone me - will be an informal phone call and i can tell them how things have moved on/changed since the response to appeal was sent. other party will recieve a similar phone call. call will last no more than 5 - 10 minutes. the copy of my responses will be made available to the tribunal panel before the appeal.

it then lists 10 things im likely to be asked about. noone ive spoken to has done this yet so looks like im one of the first. i was a bit worried yesterday as i am trying to change my school choice in part 4 so thought it was part of that but dont think it is - think more of us will experience this is the trial goes ahead well. i would love to know when they are speaking to the LA and what they say.

if i wasnt available to do the call, i had to email the tribunal and LA and explain my reasons why - the call to the LA would still go ahead. Heard nothing from the LA - sat here waiting for the response about mediation which i asked them to put into writing.

going to be hard not to rant this pm but will try not to - LA have not given me a case statement and their 'evidence' is thin and lots of documents i thought they would send they havent as if they are trying to ignore that an emergency review ever took place. quite anxious about it if im honest so will see what happens at 2.30pm today

Nigel1 Tue 22-Jan-13 13:13:26

All all the Tribunal is trying to do is to ensure that all the information is in the bundle to allow the Tribunal to be able to take a decision on the day and not adjourn.

So what they're looking for is - have you had a working document; is that negotiation going on; any other late evidence; is there anything else which is going cause a problem on the day; do you need a Direction to make something happen..

The registrar won't be interested in the issues of the case. The registrar is simply trying to make sure that there is not going to be a delay as a result of information not being available for the day. So if there is an issue with awaiting evidence from the local authority then it would be a good opportunity to raise this as a particular issue.

Don't have a go at the registrar's; they are nice people trying to a difficult job. They are also learning their way through this process is well.

Good luck.

tryingtokeepintune Tue 22-Jan-13 13:16:02

No advice but just wanted to say good luck.

bjkmummy Tue 22-Jan-13 13:20:35

nigel i wouldnt dream of having a go at the registars - i have to say the tribunal people have been absolutely brilliant and so so helpful through this journey.

i suppose my frustration is that the LA are leading us on a merry dance with their games so its hard at times to take that step back as you are always trying to forsee what trick is coming next.

im actually really pleased its happening as the timing is perfect as i submitted two applications for changes yesterday so hoping the chat today will move them forward so that the tribunal can go ahead as planned. i certainly do not want anything to stop it going ahead as he has been out of school since June.

im not sure what to say about the working document as the LA are delaying things - they had teh last version for 6 long weeks - ive turned it back round to them in couple of days. the LA just dont want to agree anything so they dont have to fund a specialist placement.

Nigel1 Tue 22-Jan-13 13:36:45

I would suggest that you save the registrar that the failure of the authority to cooperate positively with you, by way of their long periods to reply to your correspondence, is affecting your ability to provide the necessary information to the tribunal. It would therefore be helpful if the registrar could point this out to the local authority. You could also say that you would be relying on this telephone call with the registrar today as a further point of emphasis that you have sought to do the best that you can in this situation.

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