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Ds has an assessment on Wednesday

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mentallyscrewed Sun 20-Jan-13 23:44:31

Finally after a year of various appointments and discussions we have the start of the "official" assessment of ASD happening.

DS has an ed psych coming from the local hospitals dedicated unit to observe the ADOS test on him at school.

He had another ed psych from the LEA assess him last June and he scored very low percentiles then.

Feeling quite nervous now so just wanted to ask for good luck!!

Strikeuptheband Sun 20-Jan-13 23:48:37

Good luck! How old is DS?

Handywoman Mon 21-Jan-13 08:57:21

Good luck mentally. How old is your ds? Let us know how it all goes.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Mon 21-Jan-13 09:31:13

Good luck. I've never heard of an educational psych doing the ADOS before, it's usually a clinical psych or a Paed?

sweetteamum Mon 21-Jan-13 10:35:34

Good luck to your DS. Hope you and he get the support you deserve smile

mentallyscrewed Mon 21-Jan-13 12:22:05

He's 6, in year 2 at school. We've known he's had issues since he started in reception but the school put it down to him starting school/being a summer baby/immaturity. So nothing got done until he was in year 1.

Just going to dig out the letter to check if it says an ed psych - senco said she thought it was an ep but she could be mistaken i guess... Brb

mentallyscrewed Mon 21-Jan-13 12:29:00

Letter says

"The educational psychology service works closely in partnership with health colleagues when I child is presenting difficulties accessing the curriculum
I have been asked to support the diagnostic assessment process regarding your son being carried out at ....local hospital
As part of this process I am planning to visit DS at his school to assess his social communication skills. I will be using the autism diagnostic observational schedule to look at DS's areas of strengths and difficulties, which will help the DR and her team to consider possible underlying causes of DS's needs.

Signed off as an educational psychologist.

Strikeuptheband Wed 23-Jan-13 22:24:32

Any news, mentally?

Handywoman Wed 23-Jan-13 23:28:36

Hope it went ok, mentally, let us know when you hear from ed psych.

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