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How to get SaLT Provision put on proposed statement

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TigerLightBurning Sat 19-Jan-13 22:57:12

My son has been having private speech therapy for about six months, an hour once a week. I have a proposed statement that does not quantify any SaLT with an actual therapist. How can I get them to include this?

The NHS SaLT actually did a fairly thorough assessment this week, she says his language skills are within the expected boundaries for his age although some areas his scored higher than average and others he scored lower than average and I don't think the assessment picked up some of his difficulties, especially when in an educational setting. The NHS SalT said she could not/would not quantify how much time with a therapist he should have.

Has anyone been able to get speech therapy put on the statement even though the NHS has pretty much washed their hands?


madwomanintheattic Sat 19-Jan-13 23:01:31

You should be sending the private SLT reports in as well.

But tbh if the NHS SLT says he is within expected boundaries, I doubt you will get it.

You can try with the private reports - hopefully they quantify in more detail what his delays and difficulties are, and how much therapy he requires.

It would also be useful if school's report details the issues he has with speech and communication, following instruction etc.

But if school and NHS slt he is fine, then it might be an uphill struggle.

inappropriatelyemployed Sat 19-Jan-13 23:04:14

Yes. Can you not get a report from your own therapist setting out what support is required? You can then challenge the proposed statement. They will still probably issue without it which means you will have to appeal any final statement.

There is a duty to specify and quantify provision so that everyone knows what they child is entitled to. But first you will have to establish that SLT provision should be it be statement and you will need an independent report to do that.

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 19-Jan-13 23:06:10

DS' NHS reported that all his scores were above average and therefore didn't require any SALT.

He now attends a SALT Special School.

The NHS SALT had chosen the tests deliberately to hide the fact that his 'functional' use of language was so poor.

TigerLightBurning Sat 19-Jan-13 23:20:15

Thanks for your replies.

All the other reports indicate he has difficulties in the area. I think the SaLT just puts it all down to the ASD, as if there is not much they could do anyway. Well I will ask for it to be put on, citing the independent SaLT and other reports.

It is so hard to get anyone to quantify anything, they all just say it is not in their remit or things change. Sooooo frustrating.

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