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Is anybody else having problems with your SALT service?

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2006hildy Fri 08-Feb-13 16:03:41

I telephoned the SALT to ask her: What is a Communication Framework? Apparently it is something they have developed in the Department because she says DS would not sit through a Standardised Test.

I asked her about percentiles and she said they don't like to use them as the progress they show is a very small number over a few months - wtf?

I told her I was trying to show how DS is not making "adequate progress" SEN CoP para 5.42 she replied it is up to me to choose how I submit my evidence.

soo frustrated.

2006hildy Fri 08-Feb-13 11:24:26

What is a Communication Framework? I have Googled it but does not relate to levels 3,4 and 5 our SLT is talking about.

salondon Fri 08-Feb-13 08:18:22

Nothing more to add. Ditto babiki.

inappropriatelyemployed Fri 08-Feb-13 07:55:44

Direct payments are the way to go! You end up fighting for SLT on your statement to get a SLT under sufferance who either doesn't have the time or the inclination or knowledge to do a proper job and get to know your child

bjkmummy Fri 08-Feb-13 07:38:22

i feel your frustration. my son was discharge from SALT when he was 5. It was a SALT who decided at age 4 my son didnt have ASD and everyone listened to her - he then lost his place at a SEN nursery - fast forward 5 years and he has a list of dx as long as your arm.

we are at tribunal next wwek and got a rprivate SALT report done - best £150 ive ever spent. he does a communication disorder and needs weekly SALT and social group.

The LA never got a SALt report even when going thorugh statementing - this is a child dx with ASD. even as we go through tribunal they refuse to accept he may have SALT needs. they now have our report, refuse to accept it and have shown it to the NHS who wont comment on it as they dont know him. yesterday with just a few days to go to tribunal the LA have now ask for my permission for the NHS to see him.

You definately need the results in percentiles otherwise how can you show his progress? it will be impossible

2006hildy Fri 08-Feb-13 05:12:41

Well I am on the case now. I feel so crap now not being on it sooner.

As it turns out school had not been monitoring his P scale grade for SALT. A small victory for tribunal for Refusal to Stat Ass because they should be sorting out ALL his needs not just academic. So this includes his triad of impairments - social, imagination and Communication.

I have lodged my appeal for Refusal to Stat Ass under ASD but in the communication section put a huge paragraph that his speech and language is not making "adequate" progress -SEN Cop para 5.42 .

The SALT is coming to visit us at home in the half term. So far my husband says I have been adult enough. I have been all nicey and smiley but I am really disappointed I have let things go for three years. They were or are supposed to be the professionals and I have trusted them for so long and now feel totally naive believing what they have been telling me.

I just wish the SALT would give DS's results in standard measured units. I am going to push for this. She just has answers for everything. I think I have worked out they should be in percentiles.

If they Refuse to Stat Ass at tribunal stage I will go down private route but up until then I am too stubborn to pay as I feel it is my right.

What would you grill SALT on at next meeting? Why haven't the strategies changed much over the last three years? Has she been using the SEN Cop? How does she think he is making adequate progress?


bochead Mon 21-Jan-13 18:52:15

If you are heading for Tribunal I cannot recomend enough that you invest in a private assessment. The aim of the game for even the best NHS SALT's bosses is to watch their annual budget NOT your child's welfare sad.

My son's SALT has been incredible and I cannot praise her enough. private SALT clarified what the NHS one had said AND described a clear plan of action to be followed in order to help my child. Amazing NHS lady was only allowed to write what her bosses told her she could, & she was called as a Tribunal Witness against us by the LA (as was the supportive school Senco). The

DS didn't get SALT till he was 7 (when I won Tribunal). A year with a decent therapist (NHS) has been transformative in terms of his quality of life. We knew it would be, yet the same lady had to argue against giving the help at Tribunal? The system is insane.

State therapists really are a lottery. Sadly if you want to be sure of decent help you have to pay for it (DS's DLA goes on OT)

DS has seen 2 state OT's the difference between them is like night and day, one was patronising and ignorant, and the other knowledgable and lovely.

MummytoMog Sat 19-Jan-13 21:22:15

I have had vile SALT (laughed my arse off when DD tried to bite her), and really really lovely SALT. My cousin is an NHS SALT and is brilliant. If you don't like this one, and she sounds rotten, then write to the head of the team and explain that you don't feel that she is a good fit for your DC and ask to be transferred. If need be, you can add some of the reasons you list above, but first approach should be as nicey nicey as possible ;)

Handywoman Sat 19-Jan-13 21:02:06

Wasn't going to say as much but private SALT for dd2 was transformative, no comparison with paltry NHS provision. Cost a small fortune though, nor everyone has the means of course (nor do we now that we are also shelling out for dd1 weekly specialist tuition). Not sure how helpful that is for the OP's position.

2006hildy Sat 19-Jan-13 21:01:11

No record of current targets. I will ask the school then.

I will have to chase them up as well then.

Boohoo I was hoping that Stat Ass was going to be my only battle.

babiki Sat 19-Jan-13 20:43:08

I have basically given up on all NHS staff involved: physio, OT, Salt.. only see them not no be labelled uncooperative mother...To see a child every 8 weeks, write a useless report and send generic printed advice AND call this a therapy sad So we spend all the dla and CA on private people, the difference is astounding.

Handywoman Sat 19-Jan-13 20:18:54

We only dabbled with NHS SALT when dd2 was 4 so not easy to compare, but my experience was not great. SLT was inadequate, piecemeal and delivered mainly by a final year student who had difficulty knowing how to speak to children, let alone a language-impaired one, and spent most of one session talking at cross purposes with dd2 (pretty toe-curling). Do you not have on record any current targets? Your experience sounds pretty shoddy, tbh. You are not bring emotional or out of order. Sounds like you need to get on their case.

2006hildy Sat 19-Jan-13 13:43:49

Generally I don’t like to knock NHS staff but I have found our latest SALT not as professional as I would have liked and it does not help that the LEA have Refused Stat Ass. It has made me look at everything in a different light.
1.She turned up at our biannual TAF meeting saying she was “still getting to know our son” I would have expected that she knew her facts for such an important meeting. So she was basically there for her benefit and not ours.
2.Prior to this she never contacted me as all the other SALTS did. Not even a phone call saying that she was going to work with my son. She has never taken anything I have to say on board or even asked.
3.I have never received any written documents after working with my son from her. The first SALT always produced beautiful typed up reports after every visit not just the annual review and was very efficient. The next SALT produced sketchy, sporadic typed up reports. This latest one only given us one scribbled note after being asked for any evidence of progress. All this lack of evidence for our application for Stat Ass has put my mind into overdrive. Thinking there is something badly wrong and that they can’t help ds. All this lack of documentation will only help LEA at Tribunal and not us as we are lodging an appeal.
4.I spoke to her about the progress my son is not making on the telephone and she could not answer my questions because my sons file was in “XYZ”
5.It does not help this latest SALT, that there has been no continuity of service. I wish we could have the original SALT back but the Department has said that her remit was for Early Years only. That was the one good thing that my son had for his intervention. He is 6 now. Only speaking in one two phrases often out of context –ASD.
What do you think? Am I being too emotional and out of order? ( as the LEA often make me feel).
Is there a code of conduct these so called professionals should be adhering to?
What should I do? Tell me your story.

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