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Anyone else's DC hate Team Teach? :(

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TICKLETUMBLE Thu 10-Jan-13 15:59:49

DS ( poss ADD/ASD) has had the best 3 days at school ever. No arguing or negotiating, no strops, no melts downs. hard working , obedient and compliant...... perfect behavioiur. Hurrah!!

Thursday and Friday are taught by the Head, so her first day of teaching was today.

Incident before even getting into class over laptops where Head did not give clear answer to DS so he went on and on about how he can set them up, go to the website himself and be very helpful in showing everyone what to do , but he got ignored......he should have just been told 'no'. I explained the answer was no, and he was miffed and confused as he had been told to ask by the Mon-Wed teacher which gave him the impression he would get what he wanted. Not a good start to the day......

Move on to this afternoon...DS wants to be first in the que for lunch, when he is told no and nudged (caring Cs) to the back of the que he has a strop and lashes out at the teacher. Get call saying he's hit out after being told to go to the back of the que. had time out and is OK now.

I have had three meetings with Head and class teacher now where we all agree DS cannot tolerate being moved around against his will...caring Cs makes him uncomfortable and anxious and upset........he shys away, dodges and if necessary flails about to stop it happening. This has caused accidents in the past, as well as teacher/TA being kicked or tripped as he tried to avoid, with one incident causing TA to trip and fall on top off him and he sustained a head injury.

I have stated (in writing) that they should not use Team teach unless he is in danger of injury to himself or others as it causes escallation and increases risk of accidents and injury, which they have agreed to.
But they keep doing it.
Wanting him at the back of the que is not a dangerous situation in my opinion, and physically pushing him(DS opinion on caring Cs) there is unjustified, but they are so used to doing this its like autopilot.

Head has stated in the last meeting we had that children hitting adults is unacceptable and its three strikes(literally) and you are out, excluded, find another school thank you very much.

I am feeling annoyed that they are continuing to do something to DS that is likely to cause him to get upset and flail about, thus 'hitting' an adult and then having them quote the school policy on hitting when they have basically done something that caused it?

Fed up now....had such a good start to the term and its all gone tits-up. Booooo. Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow.

lougle Thu 10-Jan-13 17:49:30

I don't think Team Teach is your problem here, tbh.

Team Teach "states that physical intervention should not be used in 95% of conflict situations" Team Teach

A situation where he merely wanted to be at the front could have been dealt with differently.

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