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mrsforgetful Tue 13-Jan-04 00:02:11

DS1 had his Concerta dose doubled and we then had to get his melatonin doubled.....however still doesn't seem to settle him as it did at the start of treatment- we've tried missing a couple of days to see if that helps- NO! I know that 'normaly' they say even 1mg can 'trigger' sleep- however as ds1 has ADHD and AS maybe 1mg would have never worked- we were started on 2.5mg and he's on 5mg now...just wondered if anyone out ther has a child on more than this- he's 10 and a big lad...if he has 5mg at 7.30 and is not put in bed promptly at 8/8.15 then we appear to have missed the 'slot' and he's as wide awake as ever by 9!!!! Wondered whether we should 'split' the dose in two- some at 7.30 and some immediately before he gets in bed???

mrsforgetful Tue 13-Jan-04 00:13:55

thought i'd better explain (incase any of you think i'm putting him to bed too early)- if he's not asleep by 9- he is a *** to get ready for school the next day- what we have started doing at the moment is waking him at 7 and giving him his ADHD tablet immediately- then getting the other 2 boys up at 7.30 (so his tablet is just kicking in- he finds interacting very hard without his tablet) then at 8 it is well into his system and he is much calmer -I can give him his clothes and he dresses well- and he will sometimes even notice the time and go and get his own coat and shoes- without prompting!!! At the weekends we give him the melatonin at 9 and he is in bed at 10 and asleep withing minutes- so obviously that is when his own melatonin must be kicking in naturally.

Loobie Tue 13-Jan-04 13:23:36

My ds has autistm and has been on melatonin for about 3 months now,he is on 3mg but i was told i could give him up to two capsules which is 6mg,he gets it at 7.30 and goes to bed at 8pm,if he still isnt sleeping and complaining about it thats when i give him a second capsule at about 10pm. Hes 8 btw.

mrsforgetful Tue 13-Jan-04 22:56:39

thanks- i reckon the 'top up' at about 9.30/10 is what we need to do- I will contact our paed and see whether i can give 5mg at 7.30 with an occaisional 2.5mg as needed at 9.30- that would make 7.5mg as compared to yor 6mg

mrsforgetful Tue 13-Jan-04 22:57:43

thanks- i reckon the 'top up' at about 9.30/10 is what we need to do- I will contact our paed and see whether i can give 5mg at 7.30 with an occaisional 2.5mg as needed at 9.30- that would make 7.5mg as compared to yor 6mg

doormat Sun 18-Jan-04 12:02:24

msforgetful my ds2 who is 6 is on 6mg a night.The consultant told us if he does not settle we can up the dose by a furthur 3 mg.
The 6mg has seemed to have worked for the time being.
Hope everything goes well.

mrsforgetful Sun 18-Jan-04 23:15:46

DOORMAT - that's what i NEEDED to hear!!! What i've been doing is giving him the 5mg at 7.30 then giving him roughly another mg - about half of a 2.5mg capsule -at 8.30....but it is a real fiddly job- so what i'll do tomorrow is ring the paed's secratary and request 'backing' to up dose initially to 7.5mg- or 10mg if 'o.k'...knowing your son is 6 makes me feel better about asking- i know its not a tranquilise we're giving- but i still feel cocious that it is an artificial sleep aid!

What time do you give him his- and if he has the 9mg- how easy is he to wake up the next day?

Davros Sun 18-Jan-04 23:54:00

I don't know if this is of any interest to anyone but I read it in last week's Sunday TImes mag. Of course, in our situation, you'd need to be very careful about just taking it as a good idea and should check with someone or other (!) first:
Melatonin is the hormone that controls the sleep cycle. Hormones are the body's chemical messengers and are highly sensitive, so even small changes in levels can have a dramatic impact. For those who cannot source this supplement from America [or on prescription], take a step back in the biochemistry of the brain and use another supplement, 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), which will act as a precursor for the manufacture of another hormone, serotonin. The body uses this to make melatonin, which is released from the pineal gland in the brain. Higher Nature's Serotone 5-HTP costs £8.10 for 30 capsules (01435 884668)

doormat Tue 20-Jan-04 14:05:42

msforgetful I give my ds his 6mg around 9pm with his last feed. I have never given him 9mg as the 6mg seems to be ok at the moment.I wake him at 7am and give him a bath when I first get him up. He is ok after his bath.
How did it go with the secretary???
Hope it works out for you.

mummyp2 Tue 08-Feb-05 17:40:17

Hi guys, new on here today. I have 5yr old autistic son who does not sleep beyond 2am and am trying to find liquid melatonin as he won't do tablets and will only take medicine from a syringe. Any ideas where I can get it from??

meea Tue 08-Feb-05 18:01:06

Mrs Forgetful go for it ds2 takes 9mg and he is only 2.

Davros Tue 08-Feb-05 19:14:11

I got it from in the USA. But the strength is low, 1ml/1mg, therefore a LOT needed sometimes and hard to disguise. Could NOT get other liquid melatonin and most places inc Ebay won't ship international, something to do with alcohol content I think. MrsF's capsules sound pretty good though.

JaysMum Tue 08-Feb-05 19:18:43

Mrs F...J was on 10mg when he was 7....we gave him 5mg's at 7.30 and then a further 5mg at worked for a while but we stopped it because his body got so used to it and he needed more to get to sleep....when he first started 2mg would knock him out for 12 hours...he was 4 then.

JaysMum Tue 08-Feb-05 19:19:50

mummyp2....get the capsules and empty them out into his drink....worked for us!!!!

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