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Tiptoe walking and other worries

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FredKiller Wed 09-Jan-13 11:08:09

So, I've got all these worries flying around my head and I just need to get them out and seek some sage advice and opinions. The background is that I have two nephews (on DH's side) with severe (if thats the right word, sorry if not) ASD and I am super aware of anything DS might do that could be an indicator. DS is 18 months old.

He's very high energy and lots of fun. Very interactive, plays with us, good eye contact and smiles/giggles. Loves our company and very reluctant to play alone.

He's a good communicator, says over 200 words and little copied phrases (no original sentences yet). He'll tell us if he wants a drink or biscuit, or if he's about to do a poo or wee. He also says cuddle and cuddles us randomly. He leads us around everywhere and today shocked me totally by leading me to the stairs and announcing 'nap' when he was tired. Soall sounds fine so far, but....

There are little things that bug me. He doesn't really like music, apart from one specific cd that he loves in the car (and is slowly sending
me insane!)

He doesn't sleep well at all. We still co-sleep and bf and he wakes lots. Not crying, just wakes. But then I've never tried any sleep training at all and have always fed him to sleep so I guess that's my own fault.

He can tune us out totally when hewants(iewhen we are trying to get him to do something he doesn't want to do) and he has very strong will/big temper tantrums when he's cross. His eye contact seems normal to me though.

He generally prefers men to women and always has done.

He may have some sensory issues - he refuses to wear a hat, gloves or wellies and gets stressed when anything is too binding, like when a cuff rides up on an arm or leg.

And this week he has started a bit if tiptoe walking. It's not consistent and he has been walking flat footed since 11 months but now I've noticed it, I'm noticing it more IYSWIM. He has also just learnt to run so I'm not sure if that could be linked?

As you can see, I've got myself in a bit of a panic and Dr google ain't helping. I can't work out whether he's fine and if its just my preoccupation because of DNs that are making me obsess about symptoms that aren't necessarily an indicator of anything on their own.

Should add that he loves trains and cars and zooms them around through homemade tunnels etc. he has also done a little bit of pretend play (phone, drinks to toys etc). He also copies everything we do and say. Not sure whether that is relevant.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Wed 09-Jan-13 11:27:03

He sounds lovely, TBH. Not many flags there, but 18 months is the perfect time to do the MCHAT.

This a checklist normally performed by a HV, if you read through it I hope it would reassure you. It may be that your DS has some quirks and may have some sensory issues that can be said to fall in the spectrum, but he certainly doesn't sound like there's much admiss from your description of him.

Just to say, I'm a parent of a DS with ASD, not a medical professional, and I wouldn't presume to DX your DS across the Internet. If you are still concerned about him, get it checked out. My DS2 has ASD, my DS3 is jolly quirky but would never get a DX, so I completely understand your concerns.

Maiziemonkey Wed 09-Jan-13 11:30:57

Are you getting a 2 year check- it's a good time and place to voice concerns which they will be able to either address or explain and put your mind at rest if there is no reason to worry and part of normal development. The spectrum is so complex and nuanced I think you need a professional ear and eye to give you better advice, good luck and hope it it nothing smile

ArbitraryUsername Wed 09-Jan-13 11:39:18

I think you're probably just hyper-aware of ASD related issues because of your experience with your nephews. What you're describing doesn't sound worrying to me (DS2 could have been described in much the same way at 2, including the tip toe walking, just because he thought it was fun as far as I can tell, and refusing to wear at hat or gloves).

That doesn't mean that it's not something you should discuss with your HV next time you see her. That's probably very important if only to set your mind at rest. That's what the HV system is for, so you can get advice and have anything checked out early. And definitely step away from Dr Google (personal anecdote: I sometimes get pulsatile tinnitus and googling brings up lots of scary stuff about brain tumours, etc when the most common cause is plain old ear wax).

FredKiller Wed 09-Jan-13 11:42:35

Thank you. I spoke to the HV this morning who didn't seem worried in anything apart from the tip toeing. And even then said come back in a month if he's still doing it and ill refer you to a physio. She said he seems a lovely little boy, smiling, making eye contact and wanting to show his mum things. smile I'm not sure about the two year check, will ask about that.

FredKiller Wed 09-Jan-13 11:47:43

I think youre right. I just need to step away from the Internet and get some sleep and persective. I'm letting my worry stop me from enjoying him and its just pointless. Easier said that done though...

blackeyedsusan Thu 10-Jan-13 11:12:47

dd did tiptoe walking. they thought she was asd but it turns out the tiptoe walking was due to hypermobility.

ds never really did tiptoe walking much. does pretend play, but one step on from what dd/we have provided. does give eye contact, but only when he is motivated in something, apparently, recognises the "mummy is about to go boo" face. knows that people are happy/sad yet is asd. the point is. it is very difficult to tell sometimes.

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