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Tutor for 9 y o dyspraxic ds

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HolofernesesHead Tue 08-Jan-13 16:07:04

Hi smile

We are thinking that ds, 9 y o, needs a private tutor to help with his handwriting, speech problems caused by dyspraxia, and maths. Does anyone have any experience of this, or can anyone recommend how to find a tutor who knows how to help dyspraxic children? Do tutors normally come to your house? And am I right in thinking it's about £30 an hour - or is it more for SEN tutors? I'd be very grateful for any help.

cornyclam Tue 08-Jan-13 16:44:10

Is he ' behind' or do you just want to give his basic skills a boost?

You might be better off paying for some OT support ( depending on what his difficulties are) and then helping him yourself with his basic skills.

I found that tutors claimed to be able to help my ds2 but they became frustrated with him very quickly if they felt he wasn't concentrating etc.

HolofernesesHead Tue 08-Jan-13 16:58:36

He is a funny mixture, tbh, Cornyclam. His reading is way ahead, but his handwriting is barely legible, although it's improved this term since he started joined-up writing.

His maths has slipped backwards, tbh; his teacher says that she often can't read his numbers so again, his handwriting is an issue there. His imagination, memory and general knowledge are fab and he can think logically very well.

His speech is a big issue as he has quite a stammer and lacks control over his voice, so he comes across as more immature / less able than he is. Sports are also quite a PITA for him, esp team games like football, although he can run really fast.

He likes music and singing, and has an amazing sense of humour; he can make anyone laugh! grin He's very confident and happy, but lately his self-esteem has started to be affected by things like his speech and inability to score a goal etc. sad

He has made steady but slow progress since he started school. I hadn't thought of OT support - thank you!

cornyclam Tue 08-Jan-13 17:15:28

Bless him - he sounds lovely!
My ds started to struggle with certain aspects of maths in y5/6 although he got level 5 in his sats. Can he be allowed to do some work on a laptop if reading his work is an issue?
My ds struggled to understand fractions ( which apparently is common for dyspraxia as they struggle with perceptual thought) so we did lots of work using visual apparatus until he got it.

We've never mastered the handwriting but he's allowed to use a word processor which helps.

Other things which might help - trampoline to develop core strength, I've heard that kick boxing is good for developing strength and balance although ds wasn't keen. He loves he trampoline though.

My ds's self-esteem took a nose dive from y4 onwards. He's happier now he's in secondary as there's less emphasis on work looking neat in the book. Primary teachers are obsessed with that!
Still hates p.e. but it's only a couple of hours a week and he's in a set with all the other children who can't kick a ball!
Are you getting speech therapy for his stammer?

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