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Cloth/washable pullups for children (for nighttime use)

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Trigglesx Tue 08-Jan-13 14:15:36

DS2 has problems with eczema, and I've noticed he is breaking out more with the night time pullups we use (not to mention they are not cheap!!).

So... following up on a post on another thread, I contacted our county council about their reusable nappies scheme where they provide £30 worth of vouchers if you buy £50 worth of new cloth nappies/pullups. The scheme usually only is for children up to 2yo, but I went ahead and asked anyway, explaining that DS2 is 6yo and has SNs and that this would be really helpful to us.

The council approved us to do this, so I thought I would mention it on here for anyone that has this type of programme in their area. Worth checking with them if you're looking to try cloth. This is our council's programme:

DS2 would most likely go through 1-2 each night, so we could buy 3-4 and just wash them. We wash his bedding daily anyway, so tossing a couple cloth pullups in with them wouldn't be a problem at all.

Trigglesx Tue 08-Jan-13 14:16:22

Oh, sorry. We're also looking at these.

silverfrog Tue 08-Jan-13 18:36:27

I use reusables.

dd1 is (just) in a Real Easy nappy - doe sup with poppers, and is ok, but very slow drying. Even compared to her old motherease nappies (which ds is now using, alongside some Charlie Banana pockets), and that is saying somethign! BUt they were an absolute bargain on Babykind (think they are still on sale at half price, so worth a look). dd1 is 8, and weighs around 23kg I think (for size comparison), and she just squeezes into them.

I have just ordered some xxl fuzzibunz from the USA, as she really does need something bigger now. apparently Holden's Landing bedbugs are the ones to go for - expensive, but very reliable, and hardly any leaks. confusing website, thoguh, and I ended up not sure whethr I'd need a separate wrap (and couldn't work out where I'd find one big enough!) so have left it for now.

if your ds is on the small side, I would really recommend Charlie Banana - dd2 just squeezed into a Medium size when I popped one on her to check sizing grin - she's nearly 6, and weighs around 16kg (official blurb says suitable up to 13/14kg, so all depends on build, obviously). I reckon a large would do up to about 22kg (officially says 20.5kg) going on that. I did have one on order through zulily for dd1 to try, but the order got cancelled angry

they seem really comfortable, and so far ds has no complaints grin. no nappy rash, fleece lined so keep him nice and dry, and of course a pocket design so you can stuff with hemp/bamboo/microfibre according to preference.

Trigglesx Tue 08-Jan-13 21:50:51

silverfrog - thanks. I will look through all those and see what looks good for DS2. He is quite skinny, so I'll keep that in mind when ordering.

Can they be dried in the dryer?

silverfrog Tue 08-Jan-13 22:09:00

Yes, dried in tumble dryer on low ok, but don't put them directly on a radiator.

Clean green nappy machine also have a sale on atm, but on a quick glance through had nothing in large sizes.

Mother ease bed wetter pants are supposed to be good, but only if you are only talking about wee, as they don't open like nappies so changing gets messy if soiled.

Trigglesx Tue 08-Jan-13 22:12:03

Yes, it's just wee, so I'll look at those as well.

silverfrog Tue 08-Jan-13 22:25:40

Oh that does open up your options then. Lots of places sell the bedwetter pants - I know the Nappy Lady does. They come up big, I think.

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