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Jimjams Mon 12-Jan-04 16:29:03

DS1's NHS SALt has just contacted me. She is going on maternity leave and NO COVER IS BEING PROVIDED!!@!!!!!@@ She was disgusted btw.

So this means the terms of his statement are not being met (part 3 talks about contact with a SALT). Apart from which a4 and a half year old with severe language and speech disorders is being left without SALT and the school is being left without SALT support.

I am writing to:
Head of services
LEA- regarding provision in his statement

Friend wants to go to paper. Anyone else we should be contacting.

IN fact we're okish as we have the private SALT. I can't help thinking of those who can't afford it though.

BTW this SALT sees some of the most complex children in the area.

fio2 Mon 12-Jan-04 16:33:27

sorry jimjams, this must be yet another blow to you. Did the SALT used to visit him at school/nursery? Surely there must be some kind of provision in schools? - I say this I know there most probably isnt. Anyway why the bloody hell should you have to pay private?- You are having to use DLA money that should be used for something else, its disgusting

Jimjams Mon 12-Jan-04 16:53:10

This SALT is meant to oversee his daily speech therapy, and set up the communication programmes that the LSA uses. IN other words she sets up the most vital piece of his education (she's good but overworked).

We are mobilising a campaign - and I have just rung our statementing officer to give her the good news that from next term his statement as set out in part 3 won't be being met. It states "A will need daily speech and langauge therapy to be provided by a suitably trained Teqching Assistant, undser direction from a SAT. The SALt will identify the immediate speech and language aims and in consultation with the class teacher will relate these to his current curriculum and social needs".

In PART 3. In other words I can take them to tribunal if this is not provided. Thinking of asking them to pay for private SAt to make school visits. Alternatively maybe they can put some pressure on the HA. Unfortuntatle hr HA aren't accountable

Blu Mon 12-Jan-04 16:56:12

Surely this contravenes some statutory entitlement to provision? I think you are right go straight to your M.P, and there isn't long to get it all sorted, presumably?

coppertop Mon 12-Jan-04 16:57:07

Is there any way of appealing for other parents whose children usually see this SALT to get in touch with you? Presumably they aren't getting any cover either, and a group of you could make more 'noise' than an individual could.

fio2 Mon 12-Jan-04 16:58:00

It says exactly the same in my dd's statement actually! It will be a bit of a shame if you have to take them to a tribunal. I would ask if the private SALT could intervene first. Its disgusting they havent got a replacement for her. Mind you we havent had an community OT for years here.

hmb Mon 12-Jan-04 17:42:26

Oh, shit! I'm so sorry! What a damn stupid situation to leave you both in.

Write to everyone.


Jimjams Mon 12-Jan-04 18:54:28

Group meeting on Thursday. A support group for any SN was set up recently. The offer playschemes etc but also take up this sort of case so there is more clout than an individual. My friend is on the committe so we're kind of organising a sub comittee campaign group. Because we all have so much spare time.

This decision means that the local autsim unit is going to be left without a SALT! Let alone ds1. Absolutely ridiculous.

What REALLY annoys me is that the govt will be refuding most of the cost of maternity leave. Where is that money going? NOt to our kids who are some of the most vulnerable in the system!

Item in tonight's newsnight about postcode lotteries and autism. How bloody apt.

Also discovered that SALT dept down here is given considerably less money than in the next major town. So SALTS here have considerably larger caseloads than their neighbours.

aloha Mon 12-Jan-04 19:24:40

Jimjams, that's dreadful. But surely you have your pick of services now you have a statement - after all, it says so in Junior....

I think it's totally wrong.

maddiemo Mon 12-Jan-04 20:06:15

Sorry to hear this.
Letter to MP usually results in a flurry of activity. Hopefully support group will carry weight.
It's so unacceptable.

Jimjams Mon 12-Jan-04 23:00:21

Anyone see newsnight? My god- bristol's services are good.

Have emailed newsnight and started collecting names and numbers. Am really looking forward to speaking to LEA tomorrow. Friend is going to ring them as well- as she has SALT in her dd's statement in part 3 as well.

fio2 Mon 12-Jan-04 23:06:13

good foor you jimjams

missed newsnight. Which places were the best for services then? and which the worst? do you think it will be in the paper tommorrow?

Jimjams Mon 12-Jan-04 23:12:51

It was just about Bristol. They are refusing to fund any ABA programmes (which is bad) but in its place they are offering everyone some hours at home. 10 a weeks seems average although they supposedly go up to 25 (but think you would have to stamp and scream)

Our LEA would pass out at the thought of 10 hours per child. And they haven't ever funded ABA so can't say they put the money there.

Wonder if they'll fund the privat SALT to go into school (i know they won't).

fio2 Mon 12-Jan-04 23:23:21

I wish they would fund the private salt - they a prize pratts arent they

10 hours seems good, 25 well even better

Jimjams Mon 12-Jan-04 23:26:52

The joke really is that in this case it isn't the LEA's fault. However the NHS trust is unaccountable. All I could do is take the LEA to tribunal and then I suppose they could turn round and sue the LEA (although I think that has been done and they failed). In law the LEA have to provide the SALT as specified in the statement but the NHS trust don't. So I could take the LEA to tribunal, win and then STILL not get any SALT because the NHS still won't provide it.

fio2 Mon 12-Jan-04 23:29:06

its a shame. I just cant understand why some places have such good services and others are just crap.

jmb1964 Tue 13-Jan-04 00:35:31

Sorry to hear this Jimjams - go for it with the Strong Letters, and mobilise everyone you can
I'm quite sure you will - your ds has at least been very lucky with his Mum, if not with everything

Jimjams Tue 13-Jan-04 07:26:36

Just heard from some Bristol friends. There was some twisting of the figures going on in the programme.

Now why doesn't that surprise me.

fio2 Tue 13-Jan-04 08:27:30

typical! I bet in Staffordshire the provision is excellent then.............

Davros Tue 13-Jan-04 09:00:14

Just a quickie as I am off for a day's Makaton training (may sneak home at lunchtime!). Strongly advise you also write to your Councillors.

BekkiKay Tue 13-Jan-04 09:06:29

I'm sorry Jimjams. This must be awful for you. I hope you can help to get things sorted out soon.

Jimjams Tue 13-Jan-04 12:52:37

good idea davros. Will track them down today ready for the meeting on Thursday. LEA have been contacted by me and afriend. they are holding a management meeting and are then going to the HA to see what's going on.

Caroline5 Tue 13-Jan-04 20:34:35

How depressing and just typical. Very sorry this has happened jimjams for you and others in your area. Hope that "kicking ass" gets some results soon!

Kyliebump Tue 13-Jan-04 21:05:44

Hi Jimjams

Really sorry to hear this - the lack of SALT provision and other therapy services for children with statements really makes me angry. What's the point of having a statement specifiying SALT when the Health Authority services aren't legally bound to it - it's so frustrating!! The sooner education and health services become joined up and become 'childrens services' the better.

Don't want to be the bearer of even more bad news, but unless you are still within 2 months of the date of your final statement, then you would not be able to appeal to the Tribunal. Even if you are still in the timescale, I'm not sure that the appeal would be allowed as you are in agreement with what needs to be provided (and is written in the statement), but its the fact that it's not being provided that is the issue. I don't think that a Tribunal would deal with that.

As you know, the buck does rest with the LEA. However, I'm not sure who you appeal/complain to if the LEA are not providing what is specified in the statement. ACE will know. I think you have the number, but if you don't then let me know and I'll dig it out.

For what it's worth, I would work out what it would cost for your private SALT to provide the level of service that the NHS SALT would have done - a few visits per term? Then present this to the LEA and suggest that they fund it. Obviously, they couldn't fund your SALT to provide all the cover that they need for all the children who are going to be missing out, but they might just make a decision in a one-off case (especially if they want to get you off their backs!!). I know of at least one case where an LEA has funded private SALT - obviously can't give details due to confidentiality issues.

I wouldn't be surprised if the LEA sort something out with the Health Authority, as to leave an ASD Unit without SALT cover is absolutely absurd - fingers crossed.

If there is definately no SALT cover then go to the paper and try and get parents from the ASD unit involved to highlight how ridiculous the situation is.

I hope the LEA can get some sort of sensible solution from the HA. Let us know how things go.

Jimjams Tue 13-Jan-04 22:07:12

hey kyliebump! Wondered where you were. Hope you are well! I see what you are saying about tribunal- but I thought there were cases where LEA's had been taken to tribunal because of lack of provision of statement.

haong said that- I wouldn't take them to tribunal as by the time we got there maternity leave would be over. TBH my statementing officer sounded as pissed off as me today - so I am hoping they will apply some pressure on the HA. I would like the LEA to think I *might* take them to tribunal - just to keep them focused. I think the angle we are going to take is MP and councillors. Just discovered that one of my councillors is an MP- all will be getting an email tomorrow. The issue here really is that local SALT provision is crap. In the first instance I am going to suggest that the HA pay for private salt (obviously they won't but still going to point out that these children need services). It makes me so cross. This particualr SALT isn't dealing with children with lisps, or who can't pronounce their s's and f's. Her caseload consists of the most complex children in the area. To expecxt them just to be left for a year is digusting.

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