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How to prepare ASD DS for visit to possible Special School

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countdowntoxmas Sat 05-Jan-13 16:58:18

DS, aged 8 with HFA is due to visit ppecial school next month as not coping in MS. I do not want him to get anxious re the visit. He will have a day-long assessment at the special school.
Should I let him know a few days' before the visit that he will be going, or tell him on the morning itself. I don't know whether to do a social story, or if that will build up his anxiety. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to prepare him?

Pixel Sat 05-Jan-13 17:48:59

Will he understand if you pitch it that it's a day for him to see what he thinks of the school, rather than the school assessing him iyswim? Might make him see the day in a more positive light if he doesn't feel pushed into anything. Say you know he has not really been enjoying school and you want to see if he will like this place better? Perhaps try and give him reasons why you think it might be better. For instance, ds is at SN school and one thing you notice (having a dd at mainstream too for comparison) is a total absence of bullying (prob due to high levels of supervison as well as being brilliant caring school). If your ds has been bullied this could be relevant for him.
Personally I would try and talk to someone from the SN school first (head or deputy) to get more idea of how the school works and also quiz them as to what works best in their experience before saying anything to your ds. If they are anything like the staff at my ds's school you will find them very willing to help. smile

Pixel Sat 05-Jan-13 17:52:57

Argh, I've just realised my idea might not be much good if there is a chance the SN school might assess him and then decide it isn't the right place for him. Difficult. Depends I suppose on what has already been discussed and only you know that. Sorry if I'm not being much help. blush

mariammama Sun 06-Jan-13 00:49:26

Can someone from SS pop in to see him at current mainstream first? And you see the SS without him? Taken together, the pre-visit visits might be able to give you a better feel for whether it's a probable yes or a probable no... and then you'll know what to tell him.

When I looked around a SS for ds1, it was clear that he wouldn't thrive there full-time, but that he needed their specialised approaches and skills within his current mainstream. Which (indirectly and after a lot of fighting) triggered a statement.

countdowntoxmas Sun 06-Jan-13 14:54:01

I have already seen the SS myself. I do not think they will send in anyone to see him at his MS yet.

I like your idea Pixel of telling him that it is a day for him to see whether he likes the school as opposed to their assessing him.

Hopefully he will fall in love with the school, and they may even fall in love with him!

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