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SA white and pink forms

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santaclaw1 Sat 05-Jan-13 11:59:06

Have received these these this morning and wanted to ask

1. Can i ask for ASD specialist SALT to carry out assessment? (i know they have one, he has assessed ds before)

2. Can i ask for EP who has experience of ASD to carry out assessment?

3. Ds can score average in most assessments, its his functional ability and this is obvious during previous observations as oppose to formal assessment but ds is out of school, assessment will have to done at home.

Any ideas of how this can be done? or any assessment that take into account functional ability?

4. Most of ds's reports from EP, SALT, OT etc are now out of date, but none of the recommendations made in these reports have ever been followed. Can i still refer to them, as ds still has the same difficulties and it is as a result of these not being followed, that ds is now out of school? (i do have up to date EP report now, but no OT or SALT as yet)

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