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could really do with some help- ds dla renewal forms have arrived

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redhappy Wed 02-Jan-13 18:30:15

They arrived on the Friday before christmas, although he's not due to be reassessed til May. No deadline was given on any of the paperwork.

Ds is 6, has ASD diagnosis. We are waiting for paediatrician's appointment to discuss possible epilepsy, also possible cyclic vomiting syndrome (or abdominal migraines).

He was last awarded two years ago, he gets middle rate care and lower rate mobility. Last time I used the cerebra guide to fill in the forms.

I've tried to follow the changes to dla, but to be completely honest I haven't a clue what's happening! How long is the next award likely to be? I'm a single parent, being carer for my son is essential, I wouldn't be able to put him into childcare, I have no family support, and I have another child. I'm so worried.

To help my stress levels, we (me and the school) are currently in the process of applying for a statement for him. I'm hoping the timing will be useful, all the paperwork sent for the statement forms I want to send for dla forms too, eg showing language comprehension on the 1st percentile. I'm just trying not to think about it, but christmas is over now and I have to look at those forms.

What are the essentials I need to keep in mind? There is so much riding on this, I don't know what I'll do if he gets refused sad

chickenyummychicken Wed 02-Jan-13 19:05:45

the thing we got told was to put down worse case scenario in each area of the form. also make sure you mention what IS going to be looked at but there is no definitive answer yet.
i was worried but ended up getting it again for an additional 2 years.

redhappy Wed 02-Jan-13 19:18:39

Thanks. I knew it would be stressful, but I was expecting to worry for maybe a couple of months, not 5 months!!

I'm going to styart carrying round a notebook so I can write down everytime I realize I'm doing something 'extra' for him.

Melpomene Wed 02-Jan-13 19:24:13

You mention the changes to DLA - the replacement of DLA by personal independence payment will only apply to claimants aged over 16, so that won't affect your ds for a long time.

From what you've said it sounds like he's got a good chance of getting his award renewed - just remember to spell out any difficulties in plenty of detail. For middle rate DLA care you also need to emphasise that help is needed frequently, throughout the day. EG if he has difficulty with language comprehension then obviously he's going to need extra help with communicating and having things explained/shown to him on many many occasions throughout the day.

redhappy Wed 02-Jan-13 19:56:11

That's good to know. I asked at the last lone parents meeting and they couldn't tell me anything. Do you know if there will be any changers to carers allowance?

Melpomene Wed 02-Jan-13 20:06:01

Carers' allowance itself isn't going to change.

Income support (which lots of carers get on top of carers' allowance) is going to be replaced by universal credit (which is being phased in gradually starting from 2013). People who are already on income support before universal credit starts coming in will have transitional protection which means they should remain on the same rate of benefit as before in most cases.

redhappy Wed 02-Jan-13 20:09:23

ok, thankyou. We could get by without the income support, but there's just no way I could hold down a job at the moment.

Well, you have helped a lot, thankyou! I feel slightly less worried at least!

bigbluebus Wed 02-Jan-13 21:37:37

I would say get the forms back as soon as you can - so that they have plenty of time to make their decision and your DLA payments will then be continuous if it is re-awarded. They will not necessarily wait until May to let you know their decision if you send the forms off sooner rather than later (as long as you have all the evidence and supporting documentation available now to send.)
There is no knowing how long they will grant the next award for - I think it is pot luck depending on who looks at your application!

lougle Wed 02-Jan-13 22:47:23

I think they've confused you a bit. The form is sent out 6 months before renewal, but unless you ask for a supercession (if you think you are definitely going to be awarded a higher rate, say), the results of the claim will only be applied on renewal date.

So three scenarios for you:

1) You fill in the form tomorrow, send it off, they upgrade you to High Rate Care. You will get MRC until May, then HRC after that.

2) You fill in the form tomorrow, send it off, they downgrade you to Low rate care. You will continue to get MRC until May, then it will go down (unless you appeal and win in the meantime).

3) You fill in the form tomorrow, send it off, and you get MRC again. Your award will just continue in May.

redhappy Thu 03-Jan-13 09:26:11

Ok, feeling a little calmer, thanks.

A friend is coming over to give me a hand next week. I think I will potocopy forms, and maybe spend another feww weeks adding to what I've written with her. Plus I imagine it will take a while to chase up any extra professional paperwork I want to send.

Thinking about scenario 2, it makes sense to send them soon, as that allows time to appeal and have it sorted before payments would stop.

lisad123everybodydancenow Thu 03-Jan-13 09:46:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

steelev48 Thu 03-Jan-13 21:29:56

After having to renew annually for the past few years, I have just had my child's DLA renewed until Nov 2017 - and that's without a diagnosis or any information from someone who knows him! So I think it is impossible to say how long yours will be renewed for. This was the longest time I've waited for a decision from them.

I used the Cerebra guide for some sections. I also typed my responses to a lot of the questions where the box seemed too small. The notification arrived a few days ago and stated that they used the information from my form plus one (I sent loads!) of the medical reports I sent (but didn't say which one).

Locally, help completing DLA forms can be provided by the Carer's Centre, Contact A Family, Social Services and the Citizens' Advice Bureau. If you have any of these close to you then it may be worth asking them for help.

Good luck x

Anna85 Sat 05-Jan-13 15:18:54

I just had to do my DS renewal and I was late submitting it due to my marriage breaking down. The first time that I applied I put so much detail in sending in an additional 26 page document to support what I had put in the form and plus numerous reports.

This time as it was so late, I just done the best I could making sure I put the vital information in and sent in supporting documents including a typical day diary and my DS was put up a rate and now gets HRC/LRM. I was stunned considering I hadn't put as much effort into this one as the 1st time.

Good Luck anyway x

ck2015 Tue 10-Feb-15 20:20:17

I sent my sons renewal off in january got letter dated the 21st saying they received my form and all information I put with it on the 16th and says if they dont have enough info they will contact gp or someone who knows how it affects him or arrange a doctor to examine him or write ti me asking me for more info or arrange someone from my local social security office to come see him and if I havent heard from them within 8 wks get in contact what does this letter mean does it look good or bad or is just standard procedure thanks to anyone who can help

Larryloo Thu 16-Feb-17 12:01:40

Hello all I have just sent my sons dla renewal pack back I'm worried I won't get anything he still gets up 2 or 3 times in the night he wears small tenement lady pads as he has trouble with his bowels and needs help at home to change I sent in his child plan from to school to show he gets learning support and all amenities required for him to get through a school day buy some days I have to go to school and help him change . He was diagnosed with autism 5 or 6 years ago and we were given high rate care and low rate mobility he is a danger walking in his own has no concept of danger walking to school his hearing is very sensitive doesn't like noise is church assembly in school and has to wear ear defenders during music class. How does things look for him will he get an award

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