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questions to ask school for tribunal

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bjkmummy Thu 27-Dec-12 18:18:07

my tribunal in 7 weeks - i want an asd specific school which is one of the new free schools. the head of the school cannot attend the tribunal as it falls during half term and of course he already has a holiday booked.

the school has not been ofsted inspected yet. i have lots of info from the schools website etc . my LA visited it and i finally got the report a few weeks ago which reading between the lines tehy dont seem keen but think thats mainly cos its technically out of county and cos i found it and they are being bloody minded!

so i need to ensure ive covered all bases - was going to go through the LA report and get teh head to address the areas of concern - it talks about not being sure of the staff qualifications. when i went on the open day and spke to tthe staff i was assured they all had qualifications - the LA are yet to even offer any form of alternative school, they are just rejecting every single amendment to the working document that is coming via professional reports.

what else should i get from the head apart from clarifying the staffs qualifications etc - im sure i saw a list of questions on the internet somewhere if questions to ask but i cannot find it anywhere now. my date for final submissions is just 2 weeks now so need to get my bottom into gear

badgerparade Thu 27-Dec-12 18:58:07

I found this quite useful.
Have the school already confirmed that they could meet his needs? I sent copies of all reports,assessments etc and we could only visit once they felt they could meet the needs.

bjkmummy Thu 27-Dec-12 19:06:09

Yes they have confirmed they can, they have had all the reports etc. LA have now formally consulted them along with 2 other schools which to me won't be suitable. In their response to tribunal the LA said they wouldn't consult schools until the working document was agreed but they've done it regardless which is annoying as the statement that has gone out in now way reflects his needs hence why we are heading to tribunal.LA seem adamant that there is absolutely nothing wrong with current statement - albeit the reports show he will never cope in mainstream, needs specialist provision, salt, OT etc etc.

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